Poetry: Everyday Life

Fade the Music

Fade the music, for the messenger arrives

Face the basic, for the message lives

Fate is ironic, for life it never drives

Fake is iconic, for life is safer from the dive (or so we think)

Fade the music, and listen to the inner voice

Face the classic, and clean out the noise

Fate is idiotic, and we suppose it as poise

Fake is diabolic, and it kills all conscience

Fade the music, for life is no trial session

Face the dynamic, for life is not just a procession

Fate kills the magic, that crafts life as a dear possession

Fake drains the logic, that crafts life as a conclusive obsession

Fade the music, and let the heart hear the messenger

Face the cynic, and let their heart not kill the message


 My Step To Fate

I thought I should just wish and hope

Hope that I can make that extra stride

For the world was caving in on me

I needed a quick pull before I sunk

They all said life is too hard to take

Can’t blame them for they can’t bake

Bake a cake of life to feed their flock

And I do for I run my own clock

And now I take a step to fate

Trying all ways not to make it fake

For this life I must with huge steps make

Make a wealth they will be left to hate


 I Believe In Me

Before I miss the point let me declare how much I believe in me.

I no longer trust the system – especially our leaders.

I have no option but to believe in me.

I believe I can be better than you, so stop standing in my way.

I have the courage to take the risk, so stop trying to stop me.

I have the potential to commit suicide or quit but I will not do it.

I will continue working hard coz that’s what keeps me going.

I have the talent, skill, will, capability, determination, strength, gusto, knowledge etc to make me the best.

Yes, I do fear.

But my greatest fear is that I am and will continue to be a believer of myself.

The Fiction That Is My Life

My life is an impossible possibility

My life is a fiction, far from reality

I work to live but my life is work

My work overshadows my life

My failures mark my successes

I often succeed to fail

I fail to live through others’ expectations

My successes overshadow my failures

I am alive to my reality

But my life is a fiction

Living through my ability

Driven by a vision

A vision blurred by reality

With ability that remains a fiction

Ability overshadowed by divided opinion

Opinion that blinds reality

And that’s why my life is a fiction

Don’t Bury Me Yet

I know you fancy me dead

Dead coz I am the ideology that you dread

That which has kept me alive

The force that has left me brave

So brave that you try to bury me

Bury me coz you see intimidation in me

You suppose I am out to finish you

Just because I am out to polish you

I ask you to wake up early

You cry I kill your luxury

I tell you that you had better labour hard

You blame me that it is no reward

I am the will that pushes you to the edge

Inviting you to live to that pledge

It is all to do with your future

You declare I cheat, you are unsure

You pledge your kid will never sleep hungry

But then again you are always in a hurry

Don’t rush to spend the little you could bank

You tell me that I should get myself a duck

Go ahead bury me now

Tomorrow you will arise to say I know

Kill the me that is the real you

Flush me down that loo

At Broken Pieces I Look No More

I am no longer looking down

Facing and counting those broken pieces

My head is now more than ever lifted up

Facing straight on and taking it with a gulp

Because I have a story to tell

The story of how I fell

Tripped by an ego so low

Down I lay till I learnt the flow

I have learnt to stand on my own

Picking the pieces while am down

I have to put my life together

Even without leaning on a brother

I don’t want to leave a gap

I need to get above my lap

Every single crack I must seal

Until all my unfortunate scars heal

I am looking ahead with a straight face

Any elephant and rock now I can face

Tired of forever thinking I will fail

Yet I can swing the bull by the tail

I Have To Keep Writing

I have an urge to write

I get it I write it down

I feel it I write it down

I lose it I write it down

My pen and paper are not far

Because I do not know

When the urge will strike

My writing is my art, it is my life

Sometimes I write faint yet at others deep

Some are left confused, others can’t help but smile

I incite through words, yet I use them to counsel

My writing rebukes, and then goes to celebrate others’ achievements.

At times I feel like quitting when it goes unappreciated.

But we have to keep writing

I’m Just A Man

You want me to always help you up

Even when I am laying next to you

You want I to always shoulder your burdens

Even those that are your own making

But then, I am just a Man

You want me to always shield you from the sun

And want me to cover you from the rain

You want me to always wipe your tears

Even when you know I can drown in them

But then, I am just a Man

I want to always be your anchor

Guarding you from the violent waves

I want to always make you laugh

Even when the ground opens up to swallow you

But then, I am just a Man

I want to always answer when you call

Even when my own troubles weigh me down

I want to make life easier for you

So that you can live a fulfilling one

But then, I am just a man

Every day I want to do more for you my friend

Yet I can only do so much

Because, I am just a Man

I Love Me For Me

Why do you think I seek to be?

To be good enough for me

To have a good life for me

I love me for me

I am not perfect

But I strive to be

To be a legend of fact

I love me for me

But I share my love

At times busy as a bee

But ready to share my have

I love me for me

For this makes me glad

Rapping to life but am no gee

My love though flows as a flood

I love me for me

Call me selfish or snob

But I live to be

Working hard not to sob

Coz I love me for me

Pass Me A Light

Please, I beg you pass me a light

I need to get something right

No not a cigarette to light

Just that my world has turned night

My self seems lost in the dark

Only the sound of dogs bark

As I keep watching my back

I am no longer with the pack

My flame needs to keep burning

So I achieve all I am yearning

The dark breaks my running

Totally cutting my earning

I will keep my light alive

Share with me what you have

Is Life to Blame

I want to get myself a new life

My life seems bored with my life

Seems I can no longer give him peace

I complain at every new piece

Look at how miserable he looks

Nothing good to write in his books

Am I asking for too much?

Or it is more than he can munch?

Maybe I need to love him more

Or maybe appreciate his gifts more

Maybe I need to work harder

Or our life turns fader

Has life been that harsh to me?

Or have I refused to be

Has life refused with the millions?

Or I am satisfied with my coins

Maybe a new life will behave

Just maybe it will let me have

Let me have a free will

A will to keep away the ill

This life refuses even with the lemons

Leaving me alone to fight the demons

It keeps me away from success

Believing I am able to handle all the stress

That’s unfair of life, I bet you believe

You may add life is responsible for how I live

But what happened to the oranges life gave?

What of the opportunities he let me have?

Is life really to blame?

Will a new life change the game?


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