Poetry: Anniversaries

Ask Your Leaders To Remember Us <– (World Leadership Day)

Surely, you notice me every morning

And yes that’s me as you rush to catch the bus at sundown

No, I am not in any way mourning

This is my life; do not be deceived by the groan

Yes! That is my spot that you pass-by as you rush home

Surely, you must have noticed me

It is what I call home

Yesterday I asked you to buy me tea

But you did not even take a glance

Or is it my wrinkled face that blocks your view

Are you sure, your heart did not want to take a chance

Or is my blanket to dirty for the slightest sneak preview

I am not as heartless as they make me look

Look, I even have my toddlers with me

Ask them whether mama has not read them a book

It is keeps their stomachs calm

Maybe you are always in a hurry

But tomorrow just wave at us

You may just lessen our worry

But ask your leaders to remember us

Touch Your Breast <– (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

So tender, so soft, so warm, so cozy

So adorable that it drives all crazy

That’s a breast

An organ endeared than the rest

Some turn into beasts at the sight of one

Whether covered or bare, it’s resistable to none

The thought of having none drives woman mad

Just like the touch of one makes a man glad

They come in all sizes – some endowed than others

But they never disappoint the infant or the brothers

All touch a breast even when they are dry

It is a comfort of all when they cry

Women too love a man with a good breast

One to find comfort on when they rest

They want one that they will grab at the point of intimacy

Just like when their mothers wanted them to sleep in infancy

And a breast disappoints once that lump comes

It brings a cry and to many homes

It marks the beginning to an end of a good thing

A thing that makes many lose their identity and want nothing

Many allow others to touch their breast

Never think it means more to them than the rest

A touch could easily avoid that breast loss

And the breast would know who is boss

The Prick Said Positive, So I Choose To Live <– (World Aids Day)

Just one prick confirmed the worst

It all felt like seeing a ghost

Was the world caving in?

Had I thrown my life into the bin?

Six months I had not had sex

My heart was now filled with vex

How would I live my new life?

What would I tell my future wife?

Six months later, the world turned against me

Close friendships turned so dim

Was the disease this demonising?

What happened to my life, so promising?

It is just a disease and I am not dead yet

I have over-lived the period they bet

They all said my life was on the brink

And I should take that poison drink

Should I give up and let them laugh?

Can my heart grow to be tough?

I feel my life has a long way to go

To the death they proclaim I say no

It is six years after that prick

My body still as strong as a brick

This is why I choose to live

Live positively because I believe


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