About Oliver Mathenge

Oliver Mathenge is just the ordinary guy next door who strives to read in between the lines and then ask questions to which he also tries to provide the answers – making your work easier. You now only need to read!

Being a journalist in Kenya, Oliver Mathenge gives you an opportunity to get some finer details at times what the ordinary journalist failed to get.

Oliver Says is the home of Comments, Analysis, Sideshows and everything else that seems to make us perceive the world the way we do. There are also doses of creative writing including poetry and short stories.

And the best part is that you can also make your comments, questions, suggestions, send in articles worth publishing to the address below. But here is the catch make your material original, precise, truthful, objective and balanced.

Otherwise enjoy the journey through Oliver Says!

Oliver Mathenge, Publisher and Editor


30 thoughts on “About Oliver Mathenge

  1. great stuff oliver i liked your poems and your analytical skills at looking at things..am an aspiring writer, probably end up with my book if not books, but one step at a time would like to know what platforms you could offer me and maybe insights on how to at least make my article appear on a daily publish,my email(martisky10@gmail.com) hope to getting in touch with you.

  2. I see you never let the fire to write die down. Used to enjoy reading your work on Involvement Newspaper, especially the sports bit. Keep it up man.

  3. vipi oliver,wow have read yo blog man,this is real cool,nyamchks original mekutoa mbali,hehe remember miss kinyua she must be very happy 4 u..well ,we used to call u politician..oliver twist…bro kip it up

  4. “Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you.” So Keep up the good work Oliver.

  5. your articles are fery fery inderestingi i hafe peen an afid reader and admirer of yua articles on nation also on fesipuku and i laiki whati yu ari tuingi
    keep up nice work na jokers wakwende kabisa cant wait for more!!!!

  6. hi Oliver mambo vipi you doing a great job 4 that you are a great Kenyan with me i like journalism so i would like to meet you to discuss concerning taking pics that would reveal the evil deeds that are done underground in our Kenya i believe i can do the job better .looking forward for your response via my email address be blesd..cheers

  7. Sasa mimi iko ulisa oh liver oops Oliver wewe iko na maneno musuri si uansise Daily Kisumu iwese saidia sisi kusoma.Any way enough of me.What’s worrying me is that you are mono-sided or biased you know there maybe a greener grass on the other side of the radio.too.Keep in touch wacha kunyamasia neson haus.Oriti mwatani akurathime mono modo wa nyuba.

  8. wassup dude, I hope I did get that write. I come from a village called ‘tie nam’ which literary means the leg of the lake. Could you possibly hook me up with you sho…sorry zo… shorry…oopsh! sud I sitop…It musht…yaye! mmmh wher can we meet and sare…tho yaw share My interlect with you. You look like an interesting young full blooded Kenyan. Infact. Infact delegates or consensus you have my vote. Go on mwandisi.

  9. hope u weren’t goin thro’ writers block!!! nice to have you back on the bloc… looking forward to more thought provoking commentaries this season. karibu

  10. Hmmm.. Quite interesting… the world would be so much nicer with like 34 million peeps like you, who will do all the work for us..even ask us questions and answer them yourself… Really nice
    I hope you take jokes… 🙂

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