We all need mobile Apps; Get paid to make one

Mobile Apps have become part of our daily lives. You can’t have a smart phone and not have Apps that help you go about your daily activities. Mobile Apps have helped us share our lives easily and instantly with loved ones – even those miles a way. In short, we can’t really do without these Apps.

Development of these Apps is a critical aspect of this daily living with them. This is the reason why Avic in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and Gearbox are running the Africa Mobile App Challenge targeting persons below 30 years of age.

ATC2If you are passionate about technology, this is your chance to win Sh500,000 for creating an App. On top of this the overall winner will also get a six month incubation period with Gearbox.

This new competition is designed for all young Kenyans who have undertaken IT courses and have basic knowledge on technology. It will be a competition that requires the participants to develop a web based application following guidelines that will be offered to them through training.

Only three things are needed from you – 1. Passion for technology; 2. Training in IT and 3. Availability during the course of the training.

The MAC training will be 12-days with contest elimination, with 2-day of hackathon to build and 1-day for demoing. All participants will be given computer or laptop access during the training, hackathon and demo.

Additionally, they will be provided full access to the Gearbox domain (including an application programming interface, with a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications). Final 10 contestants will have the opportunity to build the mobile app and demo the results in front of the judging panel.

The deadline for applications is July 18. Click here to apply and develop and App that will get you Sh500,000. You can also pickup and drop the form at these locations: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Teleposta Towers 24th floor, Room 2414, Nairobi or Gearbox, 2nd Floor, Bishop Magua Centre, Ngong Road, Nairobi.


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