The Africa Tech Challenge Is Back With A Double Treat

Last year, tens of young Kenyans were involved in a vocational skills competition that saw the winners walk away with a manufacturing contract worth millions of shillings. The team of Kelvin Munyotu Nzioka, Manoti Ososi Gilbert and Stephen Sigei from Kabete Technical Institute walked away with a manufacturing contract worth US$100,000 (KSh 9.8M).

Winners 2014The Africa Tech Challenge which is organised by Avic International Ltd in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is back. This year’s them is sparking ideas to ignite a creative and dynamic community and will have two competitions – A Mobile Application Challenge and a Technical Challenge.

Registration for The Africa Mobile App Challenge, which is an ICT training and contest, has kicked off and interested parties have until July 18. Avic, MoE are running the contest in conjunction with Gearbox, Kenya’s open engineering space for design and rapid prototyping.

This is a new competition designed for all young Kenyans who have undertaken IT courses and have basic knowledge on technology. It will be a competition that requires the participants to develop a web based application following guidelines that will be offered to them through training.

Successful applicants who have demonstrated basic coding capabilities will join the MAC training which will be 12-days with contest elimination, with 2-day of hackathon to build and 1-day for demoing.All participants will be given computer or laptop access during the training, hackathon and demo.

Additionally, they will be provided full access to the Gearbox domain (including an application programming interface, with a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications). Final 10 contestants will have the opportunity to build the mobile app and demo the results in front of the judging panel.

The winner of the contest will receive a cash prize of US$5,000 and access to GearBox’s incubation and business development services for up to 6-months (free). The 1st runner-up will get a cash prize of Sh$2,000 with the 2nd runner-up walking away with US$1,000.

ATC 100,000The Technical Challenge, similar to that which was conducted last year, is a nationwide competition for students from technical training institutions in Kenya. The competition is about the students manufacturing a spare part of any one of the machines that they have been supplying the technical institutes with.

Last year, the top two teams namely, Kabete TTI and Nyeri TTI were given a contract of US$100,000 to go into commercial production after. The three most outstanding students were each awarded a scholarship and a chance to study abroad and also employment opportunities. Four other students also internships at the Mutsimoto Moto Company, in Nakuru which is a factory that manufactures filters and therefore they are able to use the professional lathe machine techniques that they gained in ATC.


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