#Fearless2013 as seen on Twitter

#Fearless2013 as seen on Twitter

The FEARLESS SUMMIT is an annual conference by Mavuno Church that brings together the best leadership minds with the intention of helping the church engage the next generation in the days and years to come.

  1. If you are a keen Kenyan tweep, you can testify that @mavunochurchorg (Mavuno Church) is one of the most active handles especially on a Sunday.Some of us who work on some Sundays find this handle very useful as we seek spiritual nourishment and a feeling of being among other believers.It is even more useful, for those like me, who are regaining their footing in their Christian walk.

    From July 3 to July 5, Mavuno Church is holding its annual Fearless Summit and today, July 4, in the midst of my daily duties, I followed part of it through Twitter.

    Below is my experience of #Fearless2013 through my Twitter Timeline.

  2. The first session that I followed was by Pastor Julian Kyula (@JulianKyula) of Purpose Centre Church. Julian is not just a pastor but also a businessman and his teaching drove some entrepreneurial points home as illustrated below:
  3. First Pastor @Muriithiw interviews Pastor Julian Kyula of Purpose Centre Church …. #Fearless2013
  4. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in the ‘people’ business – Pastor @JulianKyula ….. #Fearless2013
  5. Pastor @JulianKyula is not just a pastor but a businessman as well ….. #Fearless2013
  6. In 2007 @JulianKyula got auctioned and he still needed to preach. God wanted me to know “its about him” ….. #Fearless2013
  7. Looking at his family at that time @JulianKyula decided he will NEVER by God’s grace be in that position again ….. #Fearless2013
  8. @JulianKyula then began a company where people can access financing via a mobile phone …… #Fearless2013
  9. Pastorprenuer @JulianKyula is working to “work himself out of a job as quickly as possible” ….. #Fearless2013
  10. “we need to own media houses to influence what our children watch” – @JulianKyula …. #Fearless2013
  11. We must raise people who will take over with humility and NOT gloat about it – @JulianKyula #Fearless2013
  12. We need to raise people who can go FAR and go QUICKLY ~ Pst Jullian @fearlesssummit @mavunochurchorg #Fearless2013
  13. @fearlesssummit @JulianKyula We need media houses that believe in family values and marriages
  14. The church can be MUCH MORE than just a warehouse of spiritual knowledge ….. #Fearless2013
  15. Believers are given wealth to channel it as God directs. He wants open channels not clogged pipes – Pastor Julian Kyula #Fearless2013
  16. We are spiritually very strong but execution-wise very weak ~ Pst Jullian @fearlesssummit @mavunochurchorg #Fearless2013
  17. God is NOT going to give a city to un-prepared engineers – @JulianKyula
  18. Nothing is coming to children of God unless they are prepared – @JulianKyula #Fearless2013
  19. Pastors have great ideas, we just need to help them with that ‘seed idea’ – @JulianKyula #Fearless2013
  20. The church needs to empower people with the right skill at the right place – @JulianKyula #Fearless2013
  21. #Fearless2013 God does not like clogged pipes. You were created to be a channel of His blessings. So be… Cc @fearlesssummit @juliankyula
  22. 5 levels of knowledge (from the lowest): Opinion, hypothesis, theory,law and the highest is the TRUTH – @JulianKyula
  23. Pastor Kyula was followed by Prashan De Visser, the president of Sri Lanka Unites, a youth movement working towards reconciliation in Sri Lanka. His teaching especially on that Christians can use their respective professions to extend God’s kingdom and goodness was very inspiring:
  24. The next missionaries will be in the form of engineers, doctors, architects extending God’s grace in the workplace #Fearless2013
  25. I shall operate from the highest level of knowledge TRUTH #Fearless2013
  26. ‘God left us here for more than to play ‘Survivor Christianity’ @Prashandevisser #Fearless2013
  27. No one will ever criticize you when you dont live out your purpose and decide to fiddle with little things @Prashandevisser #Fearless2013
  28. We have been called to great achievement/impact but due to fear we settle for fiddling with the mediocre @Prashandevisser #Fearless2013
  29. @prashandevisser concludes with a time of Worship and a challenge that we would be faithful with how we serve God #Fearless2013

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