July 19: Jubilee’s test day for promises in Health and Education

Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto  will be sworn in as Kenya’s newest leadership on Tuesday, April 9 at a short ceremony to be held at the Kasarani Stadium.

Other than using their time in government to heal a deeply divided county, the new Jubilee government has pledged to start addressing challenges in the health and education sector in its first 100 days in office.

In a Public Service Announcements released on February 20, the jubilee team of Uhuru, Ruto, Charity Ngilu and Najib Balala said  that the first 100 days in office to improve the health and education sectors.

“We in the Jubilee have audaciously re-imagined a brand new Kenya. In the first 100 days of a Jubilee government, we will take measures to make Kenya a fairer, healthier and better educated country,” Uhuru says in the video.

In the PSA, where they speak in turns, the Jubilee leaders promise to abolish the fees currently charged at dispensaries and health centres and do away with maternity fees and charges in all public hospitals.

“We will stock health centres with drugs and equipment necessary to treat all Kenyans,” Ruto, who is Uhuru’s deputy, says.

On Education, Uhuru says in the PSA, that they will strive to, within the 100 days, pass legislation to ensure that every Kenyan child under 18 years is either in school or training institution.

“We will pass the necessary legislation to operationalise the youth empowerment programme. We have dared to dream afresh,” Ruto adds.

The Jubilee leaders also reiterate their promise of providing every standard one child with a solar-powered laptop with Uhuru saying that this will be sustained for every succeeding year until every child has a bag and a laptop.

“We have already put in place plans to start transforming Kenya from day one,” Balala says.

The 100-day pledge is drawn from the Coalition’s seven-point manifesto launched last month where Uhuru said that his government will focus on national cohesion and unity, economic transformation and transparency and accountability..

The main pillars of the coalition Manifesto packaged as a long term strategic plan for transforming Kenya are, Umoja (National Cohesion and Unity); Uchumi (Economic transformation) and Uwazi (Transparency and accountability).

Kenyans will be watching on July 19 to see how far the new leaders will go with their pledges which may be indicative of whether they can manage to achieve their numerous promises.


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