Kenyan Society And Its Many Myths, Or Not!

I love looking at Kenyan politics and everyday social events for the comedy it provides as we take are treated to theatrics and take on each other. In the last couple of days many developments have taken place and in the process exposed the various political and social myths that we hold.

Let me sample a few and leave you to judge!

To start with, there is group of political commentators/activists who would want Kenyans to believe that Uhuru Kenyatta is the all rising start of Kenyan politics borrowing from opinion polls. Some even go ahead to say its is because he is facing charges at the ICC that he is gaining ground. In my honest opinion, this is a mirage. The latest poll shows that his popularity has risen to 24% up from 10% in 2010. But closely looking at the earlier polls, Uhuru just appears to have benefited from the pollsters decision to leave out President Kibaki from the options. For instance, In September 2010, the same pollster told us that Kibaki (despite not being eligible for election) was the second most popular politician at 12% while Uhuru was third at 10%. Coming from the same region with Kibaki, it is more natural than not, that most Kibaki supporters, in his absence from the polling sheet, would say that Uhuru is their favourite.

Move on to some characters in ODM still live in the 1992 Kenya where all believed that a party leader automatically becomes the party’s flag bearer in the presidential election. Rattled by Musalia Mudavadi’s sudden awakening from the shadow of other politicians, some of Raila Odinga’s allies want him not to run against him. They think it’s some sort of insubordination making you wonder whether if the D in ODM really stands Democratic. I believe the right thing to do is to have all those in ODM who want to run for the presidency go through primaries. May be we should direct these guys to a TV near them and have them see how the guys in the US are doing it.

Then there is this group of individuals who think that they represent all of us called the civil society. They are always making declarations on behalf of Kenyans and yet I have not been consulted. I should demand that they follow the Constitution and ensure that there is public participation before they make their stands known. This group of individuals have special powers and appear to know whether Kenyans slept or ate last night. They can also tell when Kenyans are opposed to something and rush to the courts or launch a petition on our behalf. For instance as a Kikuyu, I am not threatened by Raila possible presidency and I am yet to hear of any businessman who has expressed the same. But a group calling itself Kikuyus for Change had breakfast with one of the likely Kenyan next presidents and told him as much.

Last but not the least is a bunch of social media users who get into a debate without facts and when they are confronted with opposing facts go all out to insult as well as make all sorts of innuendos on other debaters. These guys are usually very loud making unnecessary, nonconstructive and more often than not stupid noise. They are those who believe that when you make an opinion on something, you are holding brief for an opponent of their political demigods!


3 thoughts on “Kenyan Society And Its Many Myths, Or Not!

  1. Oliver, your writing is crisp and to the point, why is it that you don’t publish the articles in this blog, in the paper?

  2. Oliver, you’ve hit the nail on the head. In all circumstances, these people think they are the carriers of the gospel truth, yet in real terms, civic engagement with the voters through civic education should be of paramount importance. I’m seeing tribal jibes taking the centre stage in the upcoming elections.

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