Come On, Its Just A Stud!

Once again I am forced to write on how peculiar Kenyans are and can be though this time I think this society has turned shallow.  And this time round its because of a personal ornament on someone who is expected to join the ranks of the top Kenyans in coming days.

From politicians to the media to Christian leaders to ordinary Kenyans, the stud on Chief Justice nominee Dr Willy Mutunga’s ear appear more important than whether he can actually perform his duties and especially reforming the Judiciary.

I am especially disappointed the media, I included, has made it an agenda.

Personally, Dr Mutunga was not my best candidate but I have come to embrace the reality that may be this is the best we could get for now. I am also not blind to the comments, “I wear my earring not because of my sexuality but spirituality” attributed to the gentleman.

Clearly, even if you have a problem with Dr Mutunga’s spirituality, you cannot deny him the job unless you challenge the process that led to his appointment. Article 27(4) says; ” The State Shall not discriminate directly or indirectly against any person on any grounds, including race, sex, pregnancy, marital status, health status, ethnic or social origin, colour, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, dress, language or birth.”

I don’t give a dime whether Dr Mutunga communicates to his ancestors through his stud – to me that’s a lot of crap. Actually, I don’t care what belief  one decides to carry because there is some work that needs to be done and someone has to do it.

I have personally worn a stud for 10 years now and I have never seen it affect my functionality whether socially or professionally.

However, unlike Dr Mutunga mine is neither sexual or spiritual. But I also try to keep it way to avoid been offensive to those who have a problem with men wearing studs and this I expect of our new CJ when he take up office.

I would expect educated individuals like William Ruto and Canon Karanja to be above such an issue. For instance, should I start questioning why Ruto wears a cap with a Kenyan flag when he goes for political rallies to the extent that all those who escorted him to The Hague had one?

I would pay more attention if they said that Dr Mutunga did not have the experience of the corridors of justice and they doubt if he would make a good CJ.

I would expect them to use his opinions as expressed in his writing where he pens off as Cabral Pinto to gauge whether is sober-minded enough to be in charge of the country’s justice system. They can look at his work as a political activist and see whether this is a plus or a liability to his operations to as the CJ.

I believe Kenya is at a point where it must move on and we have a lot to do before we change leadership in this country in 2012 and we must do it now. We cannot continue entertaining sideshows and expect that we will be able to push this country to the next level.


4 thoughts on “Come On, Its Just A Stud!

  1. Just lke Mike Said, a stud is just but a dressing. When w start questioning our leaders choice of clothing, Ruto will have to explain that tired cap he’s been wearing for ages.

  2. Methinks as a religious driven nation, there are things which we are sort of bound by. However, an ear stud does not determine how much intelligent (or stupid) one is. It reminds me of how arrogant our society has become that we even bring on non-issues to issues that require some sobriety.

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