I Failed You – State House Occupant

Fellow Kenyans, I am the current occupant of State House. And I am to blame for the circus surrounding the Ocampo six as before August 4, 2010, I had the capacity and capability to ensure that the country protected its sovereignty.

If I had acted, the issue of post-election violence, which has made us forget that there is a Constitution to implement, millions to feed and forms to enact, would have been a thing of the past.

Fellow Kenyans, with the strength of the old Constitution, I would have ensured that I establish a division of the High Court to deal with the post-election violence after Parliament rejected the formation of a Special Tribunal.

It is unfortunate that right now you have taken away these powers from me or whoever takes over after me. If I would have done this, then or even now, you would have accused me of perpetuating impunity.

Alternatively, I would have sought the help of the United Nations and my friends in the international community to establish an acceptable tribunal through which we could have tried people who we think are responsible for the death of over 1,000 Kenyans.

Fellow Kenyans, we are now, as a country forced to go the long route of trying to stop the cases through the UN Security Council and directly with the Pre-Trial Chamber. However, not all is lost but it is unfortunate that we may be forced to go through a process as if we are a failed state.

Fellow Kenyan, it is however not entirely my fault though. Some of you blocked my appointments that would have ensured that we are seen to be having a new judiciary and protect the sons of this great country from being tried by foreigners.

We have embarked on invoking Article 19 of the Rome Statutes that allows us to challenge the admissibility of the cases before the ICC. However, it is not lost to us that we can only be successful if we have in place investigations and prosecutions of the Ocampo six on the same charges brought on them by the wazungus.

Fellow Kenyans, It is for this reason that I have decided kuwaashisha kazi Uhuru, Muthaura and Ali. Soon, together with the other three suspects will be required to either surrender to the CID or I will order their arrest where they will record statements.

I will then expect the Attorney General to move with speed and arraign them in court. If they are remanded, do not worry. I have ensured that they will get the VIP treatment that they could have enjoyed at The Hague by renting two adjacent palatial homes in Kitusuru where they will be held.

Fellow Kenyan, I expect the judges to move with speed and handle these cases in a manner that appears to show the international community that we are actually doing something. We will then move to the ICC and ask them to drop the cases before them because we are in control.

I have to prove that I am my own man and will therefore run the Ministry of Finance and ensure that more funds are allocated to the resettlement of IDPs.

Fellow Kenyans, again I apologise for not taking these critical steps before. But it is you who told me you don’t have the confidence in our Judiciary.

However, I am confident that we will pill through this as a united people.

Ahsanteni sana. Thank you. Thank you very much indeed.


3 thoughts on “I Failed You – State House Occupant

  1. I think the point that you make that I find important is the fact there has been opportunities to act before but this has been squandered. There is no way you can convince anybody of sane mind that we can try the six here if not a single step has been taken to even try and investigate them, with some of them still continuing to actually act as the advisors of the president, control financing for tribunal initiatives and even have police bosses report to you – unless of course you think the world is stupid. Maybe if they would be spending the money and effort they are spending on the so called shuttle diplomacy on actually initiating a process of establishing a local tribunal, we would have been more sympathetic. On the other hand Kenya being Kenya, it will not surprise that there could be very senior people in govt mis-advising Kibaki and co on these moves secretly hoping that the whole thing fails and thus remove ‘friends’ who would be competitors from the scene!

  2. Dont you think if he would acted with more decorum prior to the elections, the violence wouldnt have been there in the first place.

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