2012: Can Kenya Get a President Outside the Current Political Class?

Just like many other Kenyans, I am tired of continuous push and pull between politicians today. I am tired of hearing the same names that have destroyed this country and divided it socially, politically and on tribal lines.

The next general election is just around the corner and Kenya will have a new President since Kibaki cannot pull a Museveni on us. But what alternative do we have from Raila, Uhuru, Ruto, Karua, Kenneth, Balala, Mudavadi etc?

Look at for instance the shameless war of words between Raila and Uhuru… both of whom have been in government for years to end. What value have they added? Can they drive Kenya to the next level or are they interested in just protecting their wealth or have Kenyans help them massage their ego?

Must it be any of these individuals? From two debates on my Facebook Wall ( one and two) just before I posted this, I am convinced Kenyans are ready for alternative leadership as we head into the next era.

Can Kenyans look beyond these individuals who spend their time making noise than working? Is it possible that we can look beyond our tribes and get someone who can represent the interests of all Kenyans? Are we ready to give people who have been tested managing small institutions to take this country into the next level?

Or are we going to give it to the same individuals whose only language is that “we need our man here and there”? Are we stuck with individuals who cannot mange small entities such as political parties?

On Sunday, I watched part of Museveni’s interview with Jeff Koinange on K24 and found myself agreeing with most of what he was saying about Kenya. I also read Ole Kiyapi’s story in the Sunday Nation and wondered why all these individuals with great potential have been.

From the two items, I realised that we as Kenyans are our own greatest enemies. We refuse, and through the help of the media, to look beyond these noisemakers that have been part of our political and social-economic ruin. We refuse to recognise senior civil servants, parastatal heads, CEOs in private companies who have worked had to make sure that the country continues to prosper.

As we enter the last 8 years to the achievement of Vision 2030, then  may be we do not need a politician to manage the next two government cycles.

Look at people like Ole Kiyapi (Education PS – previously at Environment and Medical Services), Bitange Ndemo (Information PS), Jonathan Ciano of Uchumi, Julius Kipngetich of KWS, Titus Naikuni of KQ, Vimal Shah of Bidco, Mugo Kibati of Vision 2030, Adema Sangale of Procter & Gamble, Betty Maina of Kenya Association of Manufacturers… the list is endless.

These are individuals who I believe have proved themselves without making noise about it. Our current leadership cannot even get down to conduct the simple job of implementing the new constitution without dividing the country along political and ethnic lines.

Is it possible that outside the current political class including the current Parliament, there lies the hero that Kenya needs?

I may not have answers to these many questions but I believe that this is a debate that Kenyans must take up.


4 thoughts on “2012: Can Kenya Get a President Outside the Current Political Class?

  1. I agree totally with what you say. We need to break free from the bondage that these “usual suspects” have enslaved as with for all this years. We need someone, woman or man who will inspire Kenyans of all ages, gender,religion and class to a common vision. That vision needs to be greater than what the politicians have held us captive with i.e craze for money and fanatical support for tribe.

  2. you’ve just nailed the issue on the head i am a proponent of getting a new crop of leadership away from the theatrics our leaders today pose. so sad that some of us Kenyans still take the bait. imagine WR and UK alliance i said and i repeat its KANU afresh!!!

  3. Hahah I like the line of thought being pursued by those bent on ensuring that Raila does not lead the country.

    I also find it propagandist to indicate that Uhuru and Raila have done anything for Kenya…..To me one thing for sure Raila and Uhuru do not belong together at all…History is clear on the sides where these two have been. Raila has fought for social justice in this country for long…In his watch under the Ministry of roads he streamlined the procurement process ..These are facts I know..Am sure as a journalist you have more facts only that you seem to have a strong conviction…. For Uhuru am sure he has also made notable contribution to the public financial management as he allows PS Kinyua a free hand

    Coming to the so called alternative leaders..how can they be good yet we have never heard their voices during issues of national importance such as the Mau issue, stealing of the FPE funds, IDPs issue…… Or are they alternative coz they are spineless and will we stop supporting them if for example they say that people must go to Hague..What happens when they take stands which a group of politicians are taking coz they are right for the country…

    We have also to be realistic: who is going to tfund these alternative leaders….having a paid agent at each polling station is no joke..am not ready to volunteer and am sure most middle crass guys who are active online will be reeling from a hangover to volunteer

    To me we need tested leaders…we have to stop celebrating leaders when they are dead..There is consensus that Wamalwa was good, Masinde Muliro was good, JM was aman of the people, Ouko was a brilliant and a man who had a vision…Will we wait for Matiba, Muite et al to die to start that song

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