Forget Arab Protesters; Kenya Faces A Bigger Crisis

I have watched in amazement how Kenyans have concentrated on Tunisia and Egypt forgetting that our own country is messed up.

We are nearly halfway the first year of the implementation of the new Constitution but we don’t seem bothered that so much is yet to be done.

We need to wake up. And I don’t mean that we rush to the streets and start going at each other though due to our tribal nature I don’t think that can ever happen.

To begin with, we are staring at a Constitutional crisis if the messy nominations currently dogging us are not handled within the next 23 days. The position of the CJ must be filled by February 27 and all other new appointments must be made by August 27.

We are likely to be in another mess if we do not institute various reforms before the next 204 days. Some 34 new laws have to be passed before the 2012 elections with 16 of them supposed to be enacted by August 27 this year.

Twelve of these laws relate to the setting up of the County government structures, their relationship with the national government and their financing.

Other urgent laws are those relating to the Judiciary, National Security, the Electoral System and Representation, the Legislature (National Assembly and Senate) and Leadership and Integrity sections of the Constitution.

We refuse to form a local tribunal and yet it is a reality that Ocampo’s case could be thrown out even if we keep praying hard it goes through. My question has always been that even as we push for The Hague, who will handle the “small” perpetrators who are sitting pretty among the same people they pushed around?

What if the ICC judge kick out Ocampo’s case? Aren’t we likely to see the issue “die”? To me, the greatest loser in this will be the victims. A local tribunal meeting international stands will move faster than The Hague and victims may get justice faster.

Our politicians must wake up from the slumber and realise that they are sitting on a time bomb that may be hard to deal with when the clock stops.

We must stop, as Kenyans, living in the now and know that this country faces a major crisis that may bring it to a halt. I pray that we don’t destabilise the peace we are enjoying.

I choose to stop there because I need to reflect on what part I am playing!


5 thoughts on “Forget Arab Protesters; Kenya Faces A Bigger Crisis

  1. First of all, I love the outlay of this site. swecondly, I beg to agree wioth your discussion.
    Indeed, somebody gotta wake up from slumber and do something becoz we are staring a crisis in the face.
    Everything around here seems to be helter skelter, what with a lot of bickers within government. Thank God we got such a sensible speaker

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  3. Oliver,

    You are spot on. Each one of us needs to play our roles in getting this nation moving but we also need to find a way of rallying our parliamentarians to action.

    Great post

  4. Nice thought and hope we get it right before late though checking out how other African countries are copping, me thinks its a gud example to as.

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