Uhuru, Ruto & 2012 Politics: Don't Rule Them Out Yet

I am finding it laughable when I read commentaries ruling out William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta from the 2012 presidential race just because they were named by Moreno Ocampo as potential suspects.

Note that they are not suspects until the judges issue summons sometime in March next year.

This is not to mean that they are not guilty but the rules of natural justice presume even those who kill in cold blood innocent until proven guilty.

Let us not forget that the judges may even dismiss the entire case against the six Kenyans.

And even when the judges issue summons, it is not over until they listen to them and decide whether they should stand trial.

In Ocampo’s own words, the trials on the Kenyan case should be expected in late 2012 or early 2013.

The point is that we cannot rule out the two neither can we rule out their influence on the 2012 elections. Not yet!

Remember the Constitution only bars convicted criminals from running for office and not those whose allegation against are yet to be proven.

Ruto and Uhuru may be on the dock, but until the allegations are proven, they remain a force to reckon with in this country politically.

One may argue that the fact the two influential politicians of the two of Kenya’s largest voting blocs have been mentioned may actually soil their credibility. Yes and No is what I think.

If the two are acquitted in March even before the trials start, the two will come out as key contenders of 2012.

They have managed to easily orchestrate a “it was not me and Ocampo is wrong” chorus that may be their next stepping stone after next year.

In the last 7 years, Ocampo is yet to successfully prosecute any of his cases with judges asking him now and again to give more evidence and clarify matter on his investigations.

Even with the Kenyan case, Ocampo was sent back early 2010 to give more information on his preliminary investigations before the judges authorised investigation.

And even after this, one of the judges dissented put aside propaganda being peddled that this was stage-managed.

Depending on how Uhuru and Ruto’s lawyers prepare themselves for the initial hearing, this will not be an easy case for Ocampo.

If I were potential opponents of the two like Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka, I would live my champagne on ice for now.

In conclusion, just because these politicians are in the dock, remember politicians are not self-made but a result of political machinery.


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