Kenya: Why do we target the wrong goal post?

Kenyans are a weird lot who only seem to scratch the surface without wanting to go deeper.

We get excited on the wrong footing and make all the stupid rules as a way of trying to put our act together.

The announcement of the Hague 6 and the publication of new alcohol regulations go a long way to show how shallow we can be.

The two issues have pre-occupied us that we have even forgotten we have a constitution to implement, new boundaries row to solve, corruption to fight and more importantly seeking reconciliation for a country hanging on fragile peace.

We are totally pre-occupied with these never-ending debates while not focusing on the issues that can help us deal with the problems facing us.

After Ocampo made his announcement on December 15, there has been what I think is uncalled for excitement.

Politician are all over planning to fundraise for their own so that they can hire lawyers to battle it out with Ocampo.

On the other hand, the public is divide with some seeing Ocampo as the saviour and other rallying behind their so-called leaders.

I, just like the rest of you, do not know what evidence Ocampo has and the six are innocent until proven guilty.

But more importantly we seem to have forgotten that the eventual trial and jailing of the six if it will ever happen will not solve our problems.

For example, thousands of Kenyans will be spending their 3rd Christmas in camps. How does Ocampo help us with this?

When you turn to the Alcohol regulations, you wonder if the authors of the same actually live in a real world. By the way, it’s not wrong to control access of alcohol, actually its very good but I think we got it all wrong.

Who says when you limit alcohol selling time, you stop Kenyans from drinking themselves silly as they have done for years?

What limits me from stocking my fridge with the drinks of my choice and drink at any hour of the day?

What makes you think I cannot walk around town in a sippy cup with a great mix of my favourite drink?

Alcoholism is a moral, medical and social ill that you cannot control using laws.

There are those who spend a whole night in a bar and leave for home without an incident despite their intoxication. Others actually even know when to stop and go home and they don’t drive but take a cab.

Wait until after six month and KRA records the negative effect of the rules on the economy that we will realise we went wrong.

Social behaviours encompass more than one sector of the economy.

This will affect transport, food, employment and manufacturing sectors and deals a big blow to the establishment of a 24 hour economy that is envisaged in the Vision 2030.

Back to my point, we seem to be making mistakes in every step we take and we soon forget about the underlying issues that should be addressed.

In short, the ICC is not a solution but part of it and the Alcohol rules may be more retrogressive than we think.

Have a scratch beyond the surface day!


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