Even Nature Does Not Respect Shujaa!

My leave official kicked off on Monday well it has actually unofficially kicked off on the previous Friday. But with a couple of meetings to attend for side hustle and being that am on leave, I decided to wear as casually as possible capped with sandals.

What I didn’t know was that the skies had conspired to make my evening hell. So after one meeting and another cancelled one, it was time to go home at about 7pm.

It normally takes a maximum of 20 minutes to get to Muthaiga East during this time of the day. On other instances (read off-peak), the journey takes between 3 and 5 minutes.

Little did I know that my journey to Muthaiga East would take a couple of hours, 3 to be specific.

Let me explain, Muthaiga East is what you guys call Pangani. But since it’s to the East of Muthaiga, we prefer Muthaiga East or M.E. In other words, Kibaki and the rest of Muthaiga chaps overlook our hood.

I degress.

Our jav or dere, for that matter, decided to go east instead of west from Odeon. And our woes started. We first got stuck just after tearoom as the buses picking passengers to drive down to Coasto made the roads too narrow.

We managed to move after sticking there for like 30 minutes and unfortunately my update on Facebook and Tweet on the issue attracted comments that only ridiculed my unfortunate experience. 😦

So we fight traffic until we get to the Kariokor round-about where the dere decided to suddenly become clever and overlap only for us to get stuck in one of those manholes that kanjo never want to seal.

After a bootleg effort by the dere to toa the jav, some of us decided to alight and help. But since I was in sandals, I was rendered useless and the best I could do was light a guff and watch the rest do the work.

After like 30 mins, the jav chomokad from the kahole and our journey started again. But after like 50 metres we were stuck again and then the dere zimad the vehicle to save on fuel.

Our troubles were just getting to level two,  the vehicle kataad to start after this and we could just watch as other vehicles passed by. Ok, I must say that our dere was either high or stupid. He defended his mkebe of a vehicle’s ability to withstand the traffic and not run out of fuel. And though we could all tell its fuel, he insisted that it is the battery that had died.

Wait until, he asked the konda to get more fuel to the Caltex station at Kariokor.

Anyway, the vehicle managed to start but there was no movement. All this time, I was thinking of alighting and use my legxus or footsubishi. But remember my dresscode? Yes, there was no way I would hack that trek in sandals.

After a few fellas made the suggestion that we can walk and save time as the traffic was thicker than peak time on Thika Road.

And the walk started.

For those familiar with this side of the city, there is road construction going on. So the side of the highway that we could walk on was full of tar and you can imagine how the walk was – sticky and messy.

Luckily, the rain had stopped and the walk was relatively easy. And I can confirm that Nairobians are cowards. Since I was wearing a jacket, jeans, sandals and a jungle cap, everyone seemed to be hepain me.

My close to 20 mins walk ended well without any incident, and by some minutes to 10pm, I was at home and very tired.


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