Daddy’s little gift

I want you to eat from my mouth

Get the food as soft as it can get

I want you to feed from my palm

Get that food as warm as it can get

I want you to sit on my laps

Feel my arms around you as you sleep

I want you to hold on to my trousers

Feel my support as you take that first step

I want to carry you in my arms

As you cry for anything that you see on the streets

I want you to play with my ears

As you pull my hair with your small hands

I want you to piss on me when I hold you

Never minding that I may not like it

I want you to cry when I leave for work

And run to me when I came back home

I want you to laugh when I fall

Even when it is your fault that I play your age

I want you to call daddy when you wake up

And mutter daddy in your sleep

I want to play with you and your toys

Never mind daddy is too old for this stuff

I want to be there when you have you first fall

Daddy will help you cry through the pain

I want you to call me your friend as you grow

Never caring that I am way older than you

I want you to running to my shoulder as you grow

Knowing that is the softest place, you can run to

I want you to speak you mind even when you are wrong

Explaining why you had to act the way you did

I want you to allow daddy to punish you when you are wrong

Never forgetting daddy doesn’t hate you but what you did

I want to see you through your life in school

Allowing me to help with your homework

I want be with you when you are a teenager

Daddy will be there to answer life’s hard questions

I want to help you grow your talent

Daddy knows that there is more to life than school

I want to celebrate with you on your first job

And support you though the rest that will come

I want to stand besides you on your wedding day

Watching as you make that very important commitment

I want to be there when you give a grandchild

For you will remain daddy’s little gift forever

© Oliver Mathenge, August 2010


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