Ground Zero Mosque: Let's be tolerant

These Americans can be one disappointing lot.

I am still in shock that some of them can block the building of a Mosque just because it is located near the 9/11 bomb attack area.

This has reminded me of the debate on Kadhis’ courts that we have had since the new constitution in Kenya was first published last November.

What happened to tolerance? Who says that we cannot allow persons from other religions and cultures from exercising what they believe?

Is it justified for nationals to discriminate against their countrymen just because they profess a religion that has been associated with terrorism?

Are Americans trying to tell us that no followers of the Muslim faith were killed in the 9/11 bomb blast?

Did those opposed to the building of the Mosque and the Cultural Centre chose to be born to the religion that they today profess?

What if one day you wake up and realise that the god of the persons you have been fighting is the real one?

America could be the country with the most diverse cultures in the whole world and I believe they should lead the way in accepting each other.

I believe I am more a Christian because I was born in a family that professes this faith. If I was born in a family that believed in African traditional religions, what makes you think that I would have been a Christian today?

For the sake of humanity, I believe we have to stay level-headed and not allow ourselves to be drawn into religious wars.

And I am not in any way trying to justify terrorism. I believe that terrorists are more of criminals that religious people.

Just as much as there are Muslim criminals, there are Christian/Hindu/Atheist criminals.


4 thoughts on “Ground Zero Mosque: Let's be tolerant

  1. Do these Americans not understand that such reactions to Muslims inspire the same terror and show the same disrespect for the law that their enemies, the Islamic terrorists, have used against them?
    Shouldn’t these Americans be able to realize that irony, that they’re hate is no better than the hate of terrorists? And if that is true, on what moral ground do Americans invade predominantly Muslim countries?

    In other news:

    “a number of other suspected anti-Muslim attacks around the country amid an emotional and often-bitter public discussion about whether an Islamic community center should be built in New York City near the site of the World Trade Center.”

  2. Completely agree Oliver.

    I think its got something to do with them telling themselves that Muslims are ‘invading’ into their ‘Christian country’!


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