Is Life to Blame?

I want to get myself a new life
My life seems bored with my life
Seems I can no longer give him peace
I complain at every new piece

Look at how miserable he looks
Nothing good to write in his books
Am I asking for too much?
Or it is more than he can munch?

Maybe I need to love him more
Or maybe appreciate his gifts more
Maybe I need to work harder
Or our life turns fader

Has life been that harsh to me?
Or have I refused to be
Has life refused with the millions?
Or I am satisfied with my coins

Maybe a new life will behave
Just maybe it will let me have
Let me have a free will
A will to keep away the ill

This life refuses even with the lemons
Leaving me alone to fight the demons
It keeps me away from success
Believing I am able to handle all the stress

That’s unfair of life, I bet you believe
You may add life is responsible for how I live
But what happened to the oranges life gave?
What of the opportunities he let me have?

Is life really to blame?
Will a new life change the game?

© Oliver Mathenge, June 2010

Oliver’s Island


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