Welcome to the hawking nation

Have you ever realised that we are one big hawking nation? From morning to evening we are either hawking or something is being hawked to us.

It is Monday morning and you switch on your TV in the morning and it will hawk to you its evening lineup so that you may leave the office looking forward to some programme.

You get out of the house and on reaching the stage, touts are hawking their matatu service to you. They actually convince you that the mat needs two people even when it you are the first person to get in.

If the mat has a radio or your phone has one, you get to unfortunately endure the hawking of products by the presenters.

Then you get into town and meet this fellow who promises you a ‘hot’ story only if you can meet him jioni at the pub and for a beer.

You are now in the office. As usual you get to your computer and log on to Facebook or Twitter. On these social sites the hawking starts and may be it actually from you “What a cold night it was… I am still single and searching!”

When evening come is time to meet that guy and buy him a beer only for him to tell you who he slept with over the weekend. Oh, yeah and you pay for the drinks in exchange of the ‘hot’ story.

Then you head home but pass by the supermarket and do some shopping only to get home and realise the morning radio actually influenced you to buy some of the stuff.

You hit the couch and remembering that morning promo tune in to some channel and watch what they hawked to you in morning not even thinking that there may be something better on another station.

So, yes, welcome to the hawking nation!


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