From my mother’s kitchen – They took your letter!


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From my mother’s kitchen – They took your letter’!

The two boys stood staring blankly but vividly in thought at the now soiled envelope in Waweru’s hand.

“I have two shillings… we can open it, read and put it back in a new envelope. Mum will ever know what we did,” Maina said to the surprise of his brother.

Waweru thought his brother’s idea was brilliant and tore open the envelope. They sat down on a stone besides a tree just next to the footpath leading to their house. And in a pose that could only be mistaken for an exam revision session the two went the short letter.

“Dear Mrs Mwangi,

Receive greetings from me.

It has been long since we sat down and had a session about your boys. As you may have noticed they have remained on top of their classes but their overall marks have kept dropping. May be it has to do with the entire school but I think your boys can do better.

We need to discuss a few things. I propose that you pass by the school tomorrow afternoon. Please see me without fail in order for us to discuss ways in which we can help the boys improve on their performance. I believe there is a lot you can share that can assist me in ensuring that they get the best education.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Mrs Kamau”

The two boys continued gazing at the letter. “What had they done to have Mrs Kamau summon their mother?” they thought, “Does it really have to do with our performance?”

Well it was getting dark and they had to get another envelope. They walked on and just a few minutes they got to Simba’s shop. Simba was the area’s sole shopkeeper and was feared by most of the villagers since he could shout out for someone to pay their debts as they passed.

And before even the two boys got to the ‘kiosk’ Simba shouted; “You rascals, can you run home and tell your mother and father to come clear their debt or I come for those thin goats scavenging around your house!”

Maina and Waweru froze before taking off towards their home forgetting about the envelope. Panting their souls out, they got to their gate only to find their mother holding a mwiko (cooking stick) outside the door.

“Mum, there is big dog chasing us!” Maina shouted to the amazement of his elder brother. Waweru could never get over some of the tricks that his younger brother came up with at every moment. But their mother was not buying it and asked them why it had taken them so long to get from school.

And Maina was at it again and with a straight face; “Mrs Kamau gave us a letter to bring to you and some boys took it away form us and we had to struggle getting it back.”

“Look!” grabbing it from Waweru’s hand, “they even opened it and even took the envelope!”

“Maina, saves the day!” Waweru thought to himself. But the thought was wiped off when his mother grabbed him and hit him twice with the mwiko and the same to his brother.

They got into the house as their mother read Mrs Kamau’s letter wondering why she was needed in school.

“What could it be this time? Could she have  noticed? I don’t think so…” her thought trail was interrupted by the voice of her drunken husband singing circumcision songs from the gate.

To be Cont’d…


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