If we are a failed state help us build it… stop the noise!

There is a lot of noise on Kenya not doing anything right. And it is noise that I am so tired of hearing. My humble opinion is that Kenya is not doing as badly as some people want to portray us. We have a long way to go but we are getting there.

The international community seems to think we are such a failed nation more often than not pouring money to encourage NGOs to push the government. And this is the source of the pollution that is leaving the country with no focus.

Yes, a lot is to be done in the same way that a lot is being done. We are reforming various institutions in this country and my take is that we have done pretty well.

Look at parliament that could be silence by a single statement in the past. It has now become a major beacon of hope for this country due to the reforms, some of which however have made it dictatorial.

A draft constitution will be published in the second week of November and I believe Kenyans will have a good 30 days to discuss it and arrive at a consensus.

Registration of voters starts next months and the interim electoral commission is planning to automate things including introduction of electronic voting.

The boundaries commission, the TJRC and the national cohesion teams are up and walking if not running.America, EU and the rest should give Kenyans the space to complete this reforms.

As I have argued before, reform is not about removing individuals from certain positions and replacing them with others. Did we not record cases of electoral malpractices in the August by-elections even after kicking Kivuitu and company out after the disputed 2007 elections?

Instead of giving NGOs money to continue making noise over nothing, help this country feed itself. Help it build its infrastructure. Offer its traders favourable markets. Lift those travel advisories so that tourism grows if you really want this country to be stable.

Even as you argue the major problem in Kenya is governance, you must realise that it is struggling like any third world country. Struggling to have proper roads and hospitals. Struggling to fight poverty. Struggling to fight impunity and corruption.

You can advice us, but do not rub it on us!


One thought on “If we are a failed state help us build it… stop the noise!

  1. the pressure is good for Kenya, the few gains you refer to are a result of consistent pushing both by Kenyans themselves and the international community. it’s actually sickening that you seem to find comfort in comparing kenya to other stagnant third world countries rather than the emerging economies who were at par with Kenya a little more than two decades ago.
    please wake up and see it for what it is, unnecessary loyalty will take your debate nowhere!

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