Touch Your Breast

So tender, so soft, so warm, so cozy
So adorable that it drives all crazy
That’s a breast
An organ endeared than the rest
Some turn into beasts at the sight of one
Whether covered or bare, its irresistible to none
The thought of having none drives woman mad
Just like the touch of one makes a man glad
They come in all sizes – some endowed than others
But they never disappoint the infant or the brothers
All touch a breast even when they are dry
It is a comfort of all when they cry
Women too love a man with a good breast
One to find comfort on when they rest
They want one that they will glad at the point of intimacy
Just like when their mothers wanted them to sleep in infancy
And a breast disappoints once that lump comes
It brings a cry and to many homes
It marks the beginning to an end of a good thing
A thing that makes many lose their identity and want nothing

Many allow others to touch their breast
Never think it mean more to them than the rest
A touch could easily avoid that breast loss
And the breast would know who is boss

Inspired by the October 6, 2009 Kwani Open Mic!
Have yours checked this October… it may be the beginning of a better and more assured life!

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