Now that you have pushed Ringera out, reform KACC!

I would hate to be the person who replaces Aaron Ringera at KACC even with the tempting Sh2.5 million monthly salary. The same mob that has today lynched a man who has done his job, would come baying for my blood.

Yes, I said he has done his work because I am not here to push propaganda. He investigated, listed them but who is he to prosecute – that’s another person’s job.

Our MPs may have managed to push Ringera out, but the current system is not likely to help the fight against corruption in Kenya. My hope – which will die off going by the shenanigans in that August house – is that the MPs will use the same amount of energy to reform KACC.

Currently, its like employing an unarmed guard at your fence-less home. KACC remains a toothless dog even as Ringera exits and unless parliament acts to change this, whoever comes next will perform non better than him.

I will not be surprised if MPs turn their attention on another individual as a way of settling scores with the government instead of reforming this important institution. I wouldn’t mind if they turned the battle on Attorney general Amos Wako who is catalyst beginning of Kenya’s corruption culture.

Corruption remains a major obstacle in Kenya – keeping at bay would be investors while hurting the economy. Corruption has denied Kenyans essential services and must be fought not for political reasons but for the sake of the country.


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