Why the two principals do not deserve that title!

kibarailOn July31, President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga betrayed the millions of Kenyans who put them in those positions. The failed to successively defend their agreement and ensure that they offered leadership to the country.

They allowed their ministers to arm-twist them into giving the international community an opportunity to call Kenya a failed state. The two backtracked on their promise to Kenyans that they would do all they can to help fight impunity.

On December 16 last year, the two so called principals signed an agreement on the implementation of the recommendations of the Waki Report. The agreement bearing the signature of President Kibaki and that of Prime Minister Raila Odinga is divided into six articles.

Article one clear states that the two agreed to establish the Special Tribunal for Kenya to try post-election violence suspects. What more evidence does one need that these two fellows do not deserve to be at the helm of this government?

Article two says that they would lobby parliament towards the enactment of the Freedom of Information Bill and take such administrative measures as may be necessary to fully operationalise the Witness Protection Act and the International Crimes Act. The law on the freedom of information is yet to be enacted and the the other Acts are  yet to be operationalised.

Article three called on the comprehensive reform of the Kenya Police and Administration Police. A task force on the same has finalised their work and we will have to wait and see where the government heads on this one. We expect an independent Police Service Commission  and an Independent Police Conduct Authority as stipulated in the agreement.

Under Article four, the two leaders agreed that they shall ensure that any person holding public office or any public servant charged with a criminal offence related to 2008 post-election violence shall be suspended from duty until the matter is fully adjudicated upon. They also promised that they shall ensure that any person convicted of a post-election violence offence is barred from holding any public office or contesting any electoral position.

Under Article five, Mr Kibaki and Mr Odinga committed themselves to ensuring that the Conflict and Disaster Early Warning and Response Systems as articulated in the First Medium Term Plan (2008-2012) are developed and implemented as a matter of priority. Well we are always moving in late in all aspects including launching disaster appeals for food and water like it is happening today.

Article six on the was on setting up of a framework for implementation of the agreement.

The short of this is that the two have failed in showing leadership. The two must rise to the occasion and save this country or they will be remembered as the two leaders who burnt Kenya.


One thought on “Why the two principals do not deserve that title!

  1. Save this country?? The LEAST those two can do is to STEP DOWN!!! Its amazing Kenyans are not on the streets yet, I pray for a revolution in this country. Ill do what i can to wake Kenyans up and get millions of our butts of our seats and into the streets.

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