We need a working government!

On Tuesday night a Kenyan TV  station asked a rather tired question during its 9pm prime news. And the response was obvious – a majority of Kenyans would rather do without the current government.  But two of us – Wakasa and I – disagreed and said we would rather have a working government than replace the current one.

The flow of thought is simple. Most of us feel that the government has totally failed and should be done away with. We feel it is the government’s fault that we do not have enough food, energy and water. We feel it is there fault the they call Cabinet meetings to discuss post-election violence instead of focusing on the issues that really affect this country currently.

However, I do have a different thought to sell. We have failed institutions – police, judiciary, civil service, ,electoral commission etc – and things will not be different even if we put in place a new government. My thinking therefore is that we need a government that works even before thinking of replacing the one we have.

A government must be able to operate fully, effectively and efficiently regardless of the individuals taking up the different positions. Government institutions must be able to withstand the change of guard and unless we make this possible we will sit back and watch as dysfunctional governments come and go.


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