I bleed, I am lost, I breath no more

Crying KenyaI bleed, I am lost, I breath no more
Holding my breathe, just as I did before
They cheat, they cry
Pretending they try

I blame me for I listened
Acting on what they said
That they would make everything right
That they would keep all in sight

Now they call me a nag
I appear they hide their flag
Yet I am asking for my right
A right that makes my life light

Will I ever learn
I made my neighbour run
No one to share in my sorrow
That which makes my spirit wallow

Yet today I whet my arrow
Ready to hound my neighbour tomorrow
Why don’t I hunt them down
Them that drained life out of town

Them that I feed while I am hungry
Leaving my famished family angry
Them that make the laws
Laws that never arrests their flaws

Flaws that leave the country naked
Naked to reality that can’t be faked
Yet tomorrow I listen
To the slur that leaves me beaten

And then I chase my neighbour
Who previously I run to his shoulder
The day after I bleed like before
I am lost, I breath no more


3 thoughts on “I bleed, I am lost, I breath no more

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  2. My exact sentiments. What can we do? Our generation is at fault cos we must act but instead we are standing by and watching.. Ngugi, Orengo and the rest are too old or tired of fighting that we must take up the fight for peace…

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