Don’t Bury Me, Not Yet!

I know you fancy me dead
Dead coz I am the ideology that you dread
That which has kept me alive
The force that has left me brave

So brave that you try to bury me
Bury me coz you see intimidation in me
You suppose I am out to finish you
Just because I am out to polish you

I ask you to awaken up early
You cry I kill your luxury
I tell you that you had better labour hard
You blame me that it is no reward

I am the will that pushes you to the edge
Inviting you to live to that pledge
It is all to do with your future
You declare I cheat you are unsure

You pledge your kid will never sleep hungry
But then again you are always in a hurry
Don’t rush to spend the little you could bank
You tell me that I should get myself a duck

Go ahead bury me now
Tomorrow you will arise to say I know
Kill the me that is the real you
Flush me down that loo


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