I have beef with the media (I included)!

I am in a very foul mood today because my work and that of my colleagues in the media is failing this country. Kenya is in the verge of drowning in four major crises that threaten the peace and stability of the country.

The country is faced with an energy crisis, a food crisis, a security crisis and water crisis. But as usual, unless a Kenyans start losing their lives, the media remains quiet about it.

There is looming energy crisis that at the end of it all will lead to a collapse of several other sectors. This crisis is set to make the country’s food crisis even worse as drought continues and the cost of food production.

The power plant dams along the Tana River are drying up and doing so fast. Yet, the country’s forest cover continues to be depleted by the day – currently standing at less than 1.5 per cent. No one – the media included – seems to be buying the idea of green energy even as experts indicate that’s where the solution lies.

A lot of the country’s production in all major sectors relies on energy in particular electricity – 75 per cent of it being hydro.

The rains have failed, more rivers are drying up and the crop production in the country is set to decrease drastically in the coming months. The October rains may also fail as the environment continues to be degraded.

A hungry lot is an angry one. Kenya should expect civil protests due to a rising cost of living. The rate of crime is already on an upward movement. But it is set to be worse as time goes by – as Kenyans become impatient.

The beef I have with the media, is that we remain silent and when we do anything about it, we never put it in perspective. As the fourth estate, as a watchdog of the people the media must rise to the occasion and help Kenyans come up with solutions to this problems.

It about opening debate as we have done with who should replace Muthaura, why Kenya should silence the Al-Shabab, Whether it is a local tribunal or The Hague…!

It is time the media got down to work!


2 thoughts on “I have beef with the media (I included)!

  1. I am totally with you on this man. But i believe it all goes down to the editors and all the stuff about editorial policy. Media has been turned to be more focused on geting advertising revenue.

  2. It’s OK to be angry about things – but its not OK if we then don’t do something about it.

    A good start is writing about it on your blog and expressing your thoughts. Is it possible to use the media outlet you work for to do a perspective piece that could bring the issue out in the open?

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