Before you approve the supplementary budget…

Dear honourable members,

I am writing to you on behalf of the millions of Kenyans who have lost trust in you.

Information in the public domain indicates that Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta will this week as you to approve a Sh 24 billion supplementary budget in the name of meeting the government’s obligations. I know that the money is vital for the country’s survival but I beg you to consider a few things before you allow Mr Kenyatta to use more of our money.

I ask that you demand an audit of the money that you approved in June last year. Reason being that it is my feeling that the government has used the money to pay for unnecessary expenditure such as financing the bloated Grand Coalition Cabinet.

The 2008/09 Budget programmed expenditure amounting to Sh 673.1 billion that was to be financed by revenues amounting to Sh 546.5 billion, leaving a deficit of Sh 127 billion.

On March 12, in a statement, the minister said that through to December 2008, the implementation of the budget progressed well. He actually told us that the Sh127 billion deficit had been covered in five way.  These were Sh25.2 billion net foreign funding; Sh52.1 billion infrastructure bond comprising; Sh36 billion net domestic borrowing; Sh8 billion privatization receipts; and Sh5.7 billion comprising of refinancing of Sh3 billion shareholder loan to Telkom Kenya Ltd and Sh2.7 billion to Kenya Petroleum Refinery Ltd.

His statement indicated that the true position is that as at end of last year, ordinary revenues amounted to Sh216.7 billion or 98 percent against a target of Sh221.8 billion, representing Sh5.1 billion below target. So why does he now need Sh24 billion if the the deficit to December last year was Sh5.1 billion.

On the expenditure side, the minister said that under utilization of funds budgeted comprised of Sh21.8 billion in recurrent budget and Sh24.9 in development budget. This means that, up to December 2008, the government spent Sh262.9 billion against a target of Sh309.9 billion.

As you scrutinize Mr Kenyatta’s supplementary budget, kindly ask for me and the other Kenyans wallowing in escalating inflation, how much he has saved from the planned expenditure cuts. He promised to ensure expenditure cuts in domestic and international travels, conferences and workshops, training and furniture.

In addition, recruitment of new officers and projects whose implementation had not commenced were to be postponed to next fiscal year.

Let him tell us how much the government has used to elevate hunger in the country that has put more than a third of the country at the risk of hunger. He should also tell us who has been financing political parties as they hold rallies and retreats while no budget was set aside for the Political Parties office during the last budget reading.

What will he do with the money that he is now requesting? Is this new request that necessary given the statistics he gave in March? Is the government so broke and we still see ministers and other civil servant traveling in top of the range vehicles? Can the minister justify all government spending including the payment of ministrerial allowances to the bloated Cabinet that does not have the full mandate of Kenyas?

Why this questions are vital is because the ordinary Kenyan continue to see the government spend money in what can be considered as unnecessary expenditure. It seems the government continues to spend more on recurrent expenditure than on development issues.

For a sneak preview, in the course of the year, four top government officials – the Prime Minister, his two deputies and the Vice-President – have received new vehicles at an estimated  total cost of Sh80 million, which I highly doubt were necessary.

In the course of their work, the PM and the VP have been consuming unnecessary funds through their numerous trips around Nairobi and the rest of the country. I am still wondering why their entourage has to be made up of up to 10 vehicles from their offices on Harambee Avenue to lets say Serena Hotel.

Your Concerned Electorate,

Oliver Mwandishi.


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