To My Unborn Child Pt 3


Well we thought we had told YOU all in Part II… but I have every reason to write to YOU one more time.

My unborn child, I write again to give YOU an update on what we are doing to give YOU a comfortable life.

To tell YOU the truth things are thick. We are faced with an economic downturn does not seem to want to go away. We wonder whether it will be gone by the time YOU arrive.

But YOUR mother and I have not forgotten YOU. Everyday we look out for ways to ensure that YOU will find us ready for YOU.

At times we think that we are doing too much for YOU at the expense of our own lives.

At times we think that we are preparing too much comfort for YOU and forgetting to live for today.

At times we think that YOU are asking for too much from the little that we have manged to gather.

But every time we remember that we promised to give YOU a good life once YOU join us. We remember that we made the choice to invite YOU to be part of us. We remember we had a choice to stay without YOU. A choice to be selfish with the little that we have.

YOU are the angel we are yet to have.

YOU are the pride that keeps our heads high.

YOU are the success that makes us proud.

But always remember as we told YOU in the first part of this letter.

Do not allow YOURSELF to get out of YOUR mother unless YOU are sure YOU will be patient, loving, kind, honest, hardworking, and compassionate to this harsh world and its unwelcoming citizenry.

My Unborn Child… YOU will be a hero but let 2pac Shakur give YOU some advice (again);
“Run wild, but be smart
Follow the rules of the game
I know that sometimes it is confusing
The rules of the game is gonna get you through it, all day everyday
Watch out for these snakes and fakes, friends coming down the way”

My Unborn Child… It Is All About YOU!


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