My brother Uganda please return my rock!

Dear Brother Uganda,

I am not about to tell you that you took what is mine without my permission. That you already know since some of my inhabitants have used it as an excuse to uproot a railway even though the real issue was that their colleagues had caught them using unpaid for electricity.

Uganda, you have been a dear brother. You have allowed my inhabitants to cross to your side and study for half the fees they would have used here. You have allowed my business inhabitants to exploit your surface by erecting banks, schools and now supermarkets.

In the same manner, I have allowed your inhabitants to use me to transport all kinds of substances from the bigger water body – the one that has no Mijingo. I have in many circumstances come to the aid of your inhabitants as they freed their brothers who thought they are not good enough living in you.

Now to the matter at hand. I know you think since your inhabitants can easily chase each other out of you, they are mighty enough to stand against us. Remember in 2008, when you had to cry asking me to ask my inhabitants to stop chasing each other around me? I am talking about that time that fuel prices went so high in you that most of your inhabitants resulted to bicycles.

Well, if you do not want to see this happen again please place back that rock… it belongs to me and we all know that. That rock is too small for me to have it go but it will leave me deformed. Some of my inhabitants are called army and others navy.

These guys have some things that resemble rocks and go BOOOOOM!. Those rocks may be small but have the capability to sink that rock I call Migingo and you call Mijingo… But I do not want us to get there.

It will be painful for me to lose a part of me and you too may lose some of your inhabitants since I will have evacuated mine who you have been harassing because of fish. And by the way, I have not paid attention do the fish from your part of the queen’s lake have number plates… well I am sure those from my side do not. So why arrest my fishing inhabitants when they capture the fish from you that come to me.

A long time ago, the kings of me pushed the kings of you back as you tried taking a part of me. The current king does not like quarrels, he thinks it is is upubavu and those who quarrel are mafi ya kuku… I am sure you know what these means by now.

Now my dear brother, I am begging you to return my rock… I will still allow your inhabitants to come capture fish whether those with Kenyan or Ugandan number plates.

Your timid brother, Kenya.