Kenya: We have failed

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen and heard all manner of accusations among Kenyans – we are an angry lot.

These have ranged from the church accusing the government of failing, the media accusing politicians for fueling ethnic animosity, the government asking the media and the church to turn a blind eye to what it has not done and see what it has done.

I have seen and heard the president accuse his minister of bickering, scientists not ready to accept that cough syrups are preventive and not curative medicines. The list goes on!

But what takes me aback is that I have not seen any of the mentioned groups and others critiquing themselves.

One of my not very popular political leaders made me think in the course of the week. She questioned why the public is quick to judge the leadership harshly yet it remains tolerant to the vices it accuses politicians of. The same public is ready to defend one of their own and even vote them back despite their dirty linen being displayed in the open.

Who helps politicians propel ethnic animosity, corruption and all other vices that continue to dog Kenya? Why are all sorts of leaders so quick to return to their tribal cocoons and proclaim that their community is being targeted in this scandal or the other?

Is the media justified to accuse politicians of fueling tribal animosity while printing and broadcasting the same statements uttered by the same people? Why is the civil society so quiet when police officers are killed in cold blood by robbers who they are so quick to defend when gunned down?

My humble opinion is that we have failed as a society. We are quick to judge each other pointing trash stained fingers towards the next person.

Forget the truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission or the one on cohesion and ethnicity that we are about to form, Kenya will only arise from this dark path when we all learn to accept we have failed.

And we have failed!


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