Kenya: A Country in Crisis!

I am neither an alarmist nor a pessimist! But as they say, Kenya has gone to the dogs. The country lacks leadership in governance and now we have an ever-growing crisis ready to explode on our faces.

Kenya has a convenience government whose players are more interested in the next election that may, given the circumstances we are in, come any time. A leadership that does not care a dime about the immediate needs of the country’s 38 million residents hence the massive scandals in the energy and food sectors.

Two hundred and twenty two individuals many of whom have perfected the art of eating from our coffers both legally and otherwise hold the country at ransom. We have two exit points to the current dilemma.

A new constitution may lead us back to the ballot as a vote of no confidence in the current collapsing government may do. But given the attitude of our leadership none of this may come soon – which would be to the benefit of millions of Kenyans.

However, in what seems to be carelessness, our so called leaders have been enacting laws blindly not caring to fine-tune transitional arrangement. The country has no electoral body in place, no voter register and the convenient government has no exit point other than the 2012 election.

Thus, the crisis that faces Kenya today.

Let us say, hypothetically, that the entire constitutional review process will move well with the speed required and we get to the referendum. Or better still, the so called grand opposition outfit marshals troops and a vote of no confidence on the current administration sails through parliament.

Only a simple majority is needed in the parliament to declare no confidence in the government. And fellow Kenyans, it is at this point that we will all realise that we have no country.

To jog your mind, Chapter 3 Section 59 (3) of the Constitution of Kenya reads; “If the National Assembly passes a resolution which is supported by the votes of a majority of all the members of the Assembly (excluding the ex officio members), and of which not less than seven days’ notice has been given in accordance with the standing orders of the Assembly, declaring that it has no confidence in the Government of Kenya, and the President does not within three days of the passing of that resolution either resign from his office or dissolve Parliament, Parliament shall stand dissolved on the fourth day following the day on which that resolution was passed.”

In other words, a vote of no confidence would lead us to another election just as the referendum would require us to vote for or against the new document as we did in 2005.

But this is our dilemma! Since our so leaders thought it wise to send the Electoral Commission of Kenya home without setting up immediate parameters for the transition, you and I, my friend are no longer voters.

The voter register went home with Kivuitu!

The earliest time that we can expect, according to our leaders, the promised Interim Independent Electoral Commission to start operations is sometime in March. So, if the government is sent packing in the coming month of February, we would have no mechanisms to put in place a new one.

And even if we manage to have the instrument by then, millions of Kenyans will probably be incapacitated as the leadership continues to share out the few resources left. It is not ordinary Kenyans who have made oil and maize disappear from the stores. Kenyans do not even know where these so-called grain and oil reserves are stored.

I have no solution to any of the problems facing us but I am now more than ever convinced that Kenyans must rise up and demand to be heard. And not just to be heard, but to be taken seriously.


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