Dear Kenyans

Dear Kenyans,

The year 2008 is just about to bid us good bye. A year that we will always remember for its bloody start following our selfish quest for the ‘national cake’. Kenyans have come out very strong in getting themselves and the beautiful country to a sober and stable state.

However, the challenges that continue to face us are immense. The cost of living has escalated to an unmanageable level for a majority of the populace. The cost of everything is as high as it can be but all it not lost. I propose we join our efforts and get this country back to the growth path.

In 2009, we will be faced with the challenges of making sure that we get ourselves a new electoral body and a new Constitution. We will also be seeking to punish the suspects of the post election violence that I must remind you took away 1,133 Kenyans, displaced over 300,000 other and cost the economy billions of shillings.

But my fellow brothers and sisters, I do not find the agenda above a priority for this country. We must demand that our leadership guides the country to the path of prosperity. A country where the gap between the rich and the poor is manageable enough to avoid seeking aid. A country where we wont have families surviving on ugali and salted water or nothing at all for that matter.

Kenya must seek policies that will aid in driving the cost of living down to manageable levels. We must seek, in 2009, ways to help our people create sustainable wealth that they do not have to rely on handouts.

In 2009, we must institute reforms in our education to safeguard the country’s future and ensure that we do not just produce theorists. Kenya need skilled individuals who can help this country industrialise…otherwise as one PS recently put it the best we may compare Kenya with is Gikomba. A country that imports to sell to its own people.

Finally my brothers and sisters, we are all responsible for what happens in this country. We are responsible for the bad politics that we have that remains tribal because that is what we think of each other first. We are responsible for the failure of our leadership for we refuse to demand accountability from them.

The change that we seek is our collective responsibility.

Your fellow Kenyan,

Oliver Mwandishi


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