I believe in me!

As I down my viceroy and blacken my lungs with dunhill, I cant but think of this life.
Nothing interesting on tv other than replays of soccer.
Wifey had a long night and day so she has already hit slumberland.
Before I miss the point let me declare how much I believe in me.
I no longer trust the system – especially our leaders.
I have no option but to believe in me. I believe I can be better than you, so stop standing in my way.
I have the courage to take the risk, stop trying to stop me.
I have the potential to commit suicide or quit but I will not do it. I will continue working hard coz thats what keeps me going.
I have the talent, skill, will, capability,determination, strength, gusto, knowledge etc to make me the best. Yes, I do fear.
But my greatest fear is that I am and will continue to be a believer of myself.


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