A word to the Nairobi Eve

I choose to move against the wave and write on something that may make me wear stunners as I walk around Nairobi from this evening.

Well, for the last few weeks it has either been about Obama, Waki or Kriegler and now the highly expected demolition along Thika Road. I am tempted to tackle all of these topics especially the last one but I think they are over done.

There is one character in modern day Kenya referred to as the Nairobi Eve. The term has been used to refer to a woman who had been cultured into the city life, mostly from a tender age. However, the Nairobi Eve can be used to refer to even those who have come to the city and are now part of the system.

The Nairobi Eve has been termed as complex, sophisticated, one who loves partying and is not ready to settle down into a responsible wife and mother. This may be overrated but my brothers cannot fail but attach this tags to the Nairobi Eve.

I have chosen to give free counsel to the Nairobi Eve in case when she is still finding it hard to be taken seriously by my brothers.

Dress Right! To begin with, how you dress whether you are just loitering, in the office or busy shaking it in the club matters a lot. It is the first thing that sets your apart from the Nairobi Eve. Men are selfish! They want an exclusive display of skin not one that has been stared at the whole day. A well groomed man falling for a rugged you can only be in your dreams after an overdose of Mexican soaps. Keep yourself well groomed.

Size matters! First because no man wants to sleep squeezed to less than a third of the bed. Imagine how it would be when your two year old son has had nightmares and must share the bed with the two of you for the rest of your night! Then again, men want flesh on those bones – so keep those slimming pills away.
Keep that African body, skinny women belong to the runway – its all about job creation for the cameramen, designers and of course the event organisers and sponsors.

Learn how to cook! It is not that men do mind making their own meals but the Nairobi Eve has been accused of not being good in the kitchen. The thing is that men hate burning their fingers and would not mind someone doing it for us. Then again, men want to be sure that while they are busy toiling your in laws and of course the kids are well taken care of.

There is more than the club! This life has a large collection of activities, you must not be confined to the club. Actually, most men go to the bar over the weekend to enjoy football and the extension just comes naturally. And then since you have confined yourselves to the club, men cannot help but stay there late in an attempt to make life more habitable for you.

It is the economy, stupid! As the relationship grows so do responsibilities, needs and prospects grow. Then again Nairobi has also been hit hard by inflation if you haven’t noticed. If you are not actively throwing ingredients into the family budget, kindly stop digging in to much into it. Men want you to have a comfortable life that is why they are are saving for that car and house.

Finally be there! I have heard most men complain that their Nairobi Eve is emotionally and physically unavailable. That is the worst mistake that you will ever make, then you will wonder why your man has fallen for another Nairobi Eve.

Well, to all Nairobi Eves, please do not throw your hand bag or stiletto at me when you spot me around. I am just trying to see if men can finally demystify the Nairobi Eve!


5 thoughts on “A word to the Nairobi Eve

  1. True the Nairobi Eve receives so much criticism.
    The one thing i disagree with, is the notion that we can demystify anyone. Men have tried to demystify women for as long as history has been, but it has never worked. The same goes for those women who have tried to do the same.

    We should just accept we are different and live with it!

  2. what about the Nairobi Adams??? Why is it that the modern day woman receives so much criticism?????? ’emotionally and physically unavailable’????? where have you been looking????
    What about that Nairobi Eve who finds peace and solitude in her house or in literature away from the people? is she also summed up as expensive and irresponsible????
    ‘trying to see if men can demystify the Nairobi Eve!’Ha!!!!
    when will you ever learn that a woman is a complex being and that as long as you criticize…there will be no positivity????

  3. still havent got to knw the e v e’s..but haidhuru, i like this part :Men are selfish! They want an exclusive display of skin not one that has been stared at the whole day.

  4. Oliver,
    I hear you and i agree that Eves need to read this and realize that there is more to life than how we live it currently. We also have alot to say about the adams…watch out..hehehe
    great post my friend

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