Drunken and Disjointed Thoughts!

I love and hate Saturday nites like today!
One of those where your are in the house alone swallowing one of your kahalf brandy (this is meant 2 help you know what 2 serve me when me come visiting) while listening 2 loads of pirated dj mixes!
You are done reading the day’s women pullouts in the dailies!
Well if you are like me, you will start having drunken and disjointed thoughts!
It is one of those nights.
After reading Men Only, Codename Stubborn and Man Talk I concluded that if I was a she I would not have done anything differently in BBA3. The modern woman is just that – complex.
Whisper Cafe then tells me that a woman’s sex drive begins 2 drop once she gets into a stable relationship.
No wonder the booming biz at Apple Bees! Though 2 drunk dudes in a mat earlier 2nite made me think that its the buy 1 get 2 beer offer that is taking guys there.
Finally, I am suing NTV (more like suing my boss) for making me anticipate laughter 4 an entire 30 mins as I watch my first episode of the Weekly Show…


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