The Naked Truth

No this is not a confession and no it is not a random thought!
The scene is outside the I&M building… actually the clothes shop (I forget the name) located at the building.
My colleagues and I were on our way to Kibera to witness the PM announce that November 22 will be “Kisumu Day” in Nairobi!
We (all men) noticed naked (female) dummies being cleaned by some shop attendants. Yes, we laughed and joked about the nakedness as we moved on with the journey.
And as we headed back…I peeped at the same shop (I don’t know if the the rest did) and if they did then may be there was nothing to talk about.
The two scenarios made me think as I came to work today.
I thinking is this…may be if we allowed ourselves to tell the naked truth may be…just may be we would have enough to speak on. Just may be we will open up the opportunity for all of us to be able to discuss freely and free ourselves from the yoke of secrecy.
May be when we allow flow of naked truth, respect for the differences that have served more to divide us will settle in.
Nakedness of dummy humans made the moment for the five of us….may be the naked truth will make the lifetime for humankind!
Have a naked night…ooh…or day depending on where you are and when you read this!


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