One 4 the Sistas Pt 1

I am writing this at the risk of being beheaded by the brother. But someone has to say it… Ladies, men are not complicated! It is only that we need you to take good care of our feelings not to mention our stomachs, clothes and the remote.

We want you to allow us to stay out late without necessarily questioning our motive. Oh, and the Saturday and Sunday afternoons to watch the game! We spent a good part of our childhood being babied and that’s what we refer to today as nagging!

We also experience monthly hormonal imbalance only that it affects our wallets hence the decline in number of coffee dates at that time. It is not that we do not like many shoes or the closet full we just think it is OK to just have enough.

Buying a rabbit our son is a good punishment as spanking him (from experience trust me it is not easy to take care of those buggers). Sorry guys for sharing the secrets. Part II is on the way hopefully before this bottle of Richot is over!


2 thoughts on “One 4 the Sistas Pt 1

  1. hahahaha. you see ladies thinks men are too tough for them at times while men always want it their way or the highway. i dont know whether even the celebrated Annan can mediate this!

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