Why Karua's presidential bid misplaced

Some obvious silence has befallen the highly criticized 2012 presidential bid of one Martha Wangari Karua lately. The move by the justice minister did not augur well with many especially her counterparts from Central Kenya. Basic reason (other than it is four years to the next election) being that when making such a decision one usually consults widely especially in their home area.

I have never been a fan of Ms Karua and do not think will be as I think she is wasting valuable time telling us more about her bid than matters concerning her responsibilities. I have great respect for her efforts to bring the country together earlier in the year but it is just that. I have several reasons for taking this position.

First, her bid can be interpreted to mean that she is not committed to one of her office’s responsibility – a new constitution dispensation for this country. How can she convince Kenyans that she is committed to this course when she is already preparing herself to bid for the country’s most powerful position by the current constitution. So, one question begs , “Under which constitution is Ms Karua biding her presidency on?”

Kenyans may (if the constitution reforms ever take off) decide that they want a parliamentary system of governance. Where would this leave our pacesetter? My advice for the minister is to first give us a new constitution then we can chart the way forward.

Secondly, I attended the launch of ‘product martha karua 2012’ in the form of a website sometime back. Before I get to the point allow me to give my humble opinion that the website cannot sell any product. From my judgment Ms Karua failed to pull in the basic support of numbers with only two MPs from her Narc Kenya party attending. The rest were basically close friends and relatives (judging from the conversations).

Lastly, in the event that things remain as they are, election in 2012 under the current constitution, a Kalonzo – Uhuru alliance will definitely work against Ms Karua.

So, Ms Karua gunning for the presidency has never been a one man show and not especially now that the country is seeking legal and institutional reforms that fall under your docket.


3 thoughts on “Why Karua's presidential bid misplaced

  1. Who really owns http://marthakarua.com
    I have a suspicion that Martha Karua may be in for a pretty rough ride or she is a pretty bright person in protecting her online identity.
    But judging from the fact that the above domain was created last year, while the previously launched ones are pretty new, I am betting that the Uhuru crownd may actually own this domain name.
    I know for a fact that uhuru himself is in trouble with http://kenyattauhuru.com and may be retaliating.
    Whoever owns the sites, it is now obvious that internet wars will be very much in the Kenyan political scene come 2012!
    This I gotta see!

  2. Now sir, I need not emphasise that Ms Justice is serious on the presidency although the chances remain slim. You said as much.
    But I point this not to your preposterous Uhuru-Kalonzo merger, but to the existing apathy at least going by recent statements from Kiunjuri, he of the GNU fame, and Farah the deputy speaker( he is ODM and could be revenging).
    Why I see the Uhuru thing not flying: Is Uhuru ready to ditch Kanu? I don’t know.
    Is Kalonzo ready to go it alone in the hope of carrying uhuru along, especially after the image he has as a collaborator in ensuring a successful “irretrievable pollution” of the 2007 poll? May be…he went it alone and came a miserable third.
    Ok, if you are going to laugh when Kenyans decide to go parliamentary, then she would be laughing because she would have a little more mileage, as now th focal point would be the PM, which IMHO, is an imperial president remodelled.
    So, inasmuch as it seems ok to tell Ms Karua to go slow and to even suggest that she need not campaign, I guess it is only fair not to link her democratic right to an ongoing process and insinuate that she, alone, can skew the process in her favour…(she can, we saw that with the tallying..)
    Finally, the Iron Lady could be marshalling her troops to gain bargaining power for something like a DPM or even PM in the next government, assuming of course that we have a mix of presidential and parliamentary system. Anyone remember Bomas, Kilifi and Wako, and even the Naivasha accords…a hybrid will be the most likely compromise.

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