My Unborn Child…It's all about YOU

When I met your mother, I was sure she would give me a beautiful YOU.
Her beauty, virtues and values made it clear to me that it would be a good life for our family.
I have aped a lot from her…it is now YOUR turn to do the same!
Do not allow YOURSELF to get out of her unless YOU are sure YOU will be patient, loving, kind, honest, hardworking, and compassionate to this harsh world and its unwelcoming citizenry.
If daddy never teaches YOU anything else, remember, it’s all about YOU…
YOU need to be comfortable but YOU have to earn it!
YOU must to be successful but YOU have to work hard for it!
YOU need a good family but YOU must love and appreciate them for life!
YOU must have a healthy life but YOU have to manage it YOURSELF!
Every time YOU look into the mirror always remind YOURSELF that image YOU see is the only obstacle to the future YOU desire.
That’s the best lesson mummy and daddy can give YOU.
…to be cont’d

But as Tupac put it;
“To my unborn child.. in case I don’t make it…just remember daddy loves YOU”


One thought on “My Unborn Child…It's all about YOU

  1. great piece(s)! couples should always remember that love is unconditional-at least in Christ’s sense.When God gives you an opportunity to be a co creator with him, one should be ready for the child, no matter what physical, intellectual or other (dis)abilities they may have.A song reminds us that a child is not just any kind of gift that can be bought at a store, it is a soul whose parents should be ready and willing to prepare for eternity too.GBU

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