Well…do not even ask…I know that my last post was on the same day that Nairobi Star was born.

It was the same day that one of Kenya’s mainstream newspapers gave me an opportunity to be an Intern.

They asked me to be with them for 3 months and I gladly accepted…you cannot trade this internship with any other. I now have 19 days to go and they will either welcome me to the fold or show me the door.

While I was away I did not fail to notice afew things. And because I do not have a lot of time to odo this let me let them out.

First, the Star has continued to irritate me…How do you splash a political story only to disappoint me with four paragraphs.

Second, am I the only person who thinks Big Brother has turned into Big Brothel?

Lastly, I think that Kenya has lost it politically if we in the right mind can allow our elections to be dictated to us by three groups of individuals who really do not care what we think, eat, or wear. I am totally annoyed by the fact that we can still vote for these individuals after they have each stolen 1.5 M from us as we see.

Enough sai…I will be back soon.


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