I was Duped

This morning I joined hundreds of Nairobians and bought myself a copy of the “new Star in town. I only wish that I had saved that money for a Kenchic lunch. The new newspaper is not worth anyone’s bob leave alone 35 bob. For a daily newspaper this guys could have done better.
One thing is for sure, I can still get the same content for 10 shiiling at TeaRoom as i board a matatu to goand say hi to my fellow Mt. Kenya people. What we are likely to hear next is libel cases against the paper just like the station got. May be Patrick and his team do not have any feel of once bitten… Why am I even writing about this.


5 thoughts on “I was Duped

  1. time will tell and i think time is now telling…

    if Ruto’s sentiments that a Moi son (Gideon Moi) who is a share holder in the paper (owned by Media Africa) and chaired by former Maendeleo ya Wanawake chairlady son Ziporah Kitony are using the paper to cast aspersions at his political integrity.

    You can almost see them going the Standard group way… after govt pulled out advertisements from the group bcoz of sensationalism and lack of journalistic integrity. Its a sorry state for the kenyan media that 100 years since the fast paper went to press we have not learnt enough lessons…

    Maybe something worth debate at this juncture is the media bill…i will give u my take on the same soon but one thing for sure you can not trust this politicians any more especially after after what they are proposing…ITS THE BEGGINING OF THE DEATH OF THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND THE BIRTH OF AN ALL POWERFULL SECURITY MINISTER WHO CALLS THE SHOTS…

  2. Imagine I soo agree with you! Its not even supposed to be in the public dormain… Most of its content is only good enough for the gutter, it shouldn’t in any way be treated on any grounds as a worthwhile publication… I wonder how the writers can live with themselves after producing and re-producing such garbage for the Kenyan public. I guess people are different. & quite different at that!
    All the best to those who traded their legit jobs for such a unworthwhile venture… Cheers!

  3. the Nairobi star,I expected a newspaper that would have made a difference in the lives of taunted Kenyans.
    personally,to me the Nairobi star is Gutter press right from the word go,did you read its first heading : HOW MINISTER HELPED NUNS TO GET ABORTIONS?
    Onlt time will tell but that paper will not last,to make it worse its a daily.I predict doom…….

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