Have we screened the blood

jesse.jpgMy friend Jesse Masai (shown here addressing fellow Daystar University Alumni at a recent function) is preparing himself for the Cherangany parliamentary seat contest which is currently held by the Agriculture Minister, Kipruto arap Kirwa. We once in a while share thoughts with this guy and on Wednesday sat next to him in a bus and managed to learn that his campaigns are going on well.

Jesse, an individual who I look up to especially as a budding journalist, raised a very important point as we talked on politics that left me and my Sarah (who joined us later on) thinking hard as we discussed it later.

Jesse asked not in this exact words though. What makes us all think that there will be a change in policy when we inject fresh blood in our political system? I don’t know what you think but I believe that this is a very important point  that we should look at critically with so many Vijanas Gutukaini. It is rather true that this guys may just ‘chips of the old blocks’ who may not bring any significant change into our systems. My take is as I have always advised we need to critically analyze our leaders and vote for policies not personalities.

What I am concerned with especially is that as the youth can actually sit back and trash all what our fathers and mothers have done. What I mean is that the old crop of politicians have failed to deliver in all sectors but we still need to grant them credit for the few areas they have managed to.  I do know we could do with dome new blood in the system but even when they transfuse blood into a patient’s body they do make sure that the blood is free of any impurities. Impure immature or blood from the wrong blood group may make this country dysfunctional and unproductive. We therefore need to be careful whether we are voting for the ‘young ones’ or the ‘old ones’.


Could  original NARC be planning to field a different  candidate other than Baba Jimmy? May be someone from ODM? Or someone who refused to submit his nomination papers? Just A thought…..We need for inside report from today’s meeting.

Learn more about Jesse Masai and his Cherangany from his campaign site


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