I haven’t written in a while and some of my readers have been asking why…I am not saying I have fans… Anyway, the why is that I have been busy helping out in some publications for the Daystar university 2007 graduation to be held on June 23rd. They usually do a bi of a biannual magazine called Output that usually happens during this time of the year. This is the third one that I have been involved with and my fiend doing a 36-page magazine is not easy…and you know it has to look good if you get what I mean.

Now to more pressing matters.

I don’t know what to say but my thinking is and remains that this guys have been paid (by internal or external forces) to destabilize the country. My take is that there must be someone in Ali’s forces that may be shielding the real Mungiki…the financiers. More needs to be done by our security forces.

And for this Mungiki guys…the greatest book tells me that blood is not something to joke with. So you may not need to wonder why you are poor or can’t do things straight. It may be a curse for those heads you keep taking

Elections 2007
We are all clear that I subscribe to no party and do not give a hoot about any party in the country. Before you start giving me all those things about belonging and I don’t know unity, let me make myself clear. Check our parliament today…how many MPs belong to the party that took them to parliament. And if my GHC teachers and textbook were not wrong…technically we have more upto about 80% vacant parliamentary seats.

Anyway, we now have another photocopy vision by one man who claims to be a total Kenyan (Mudavadi)…hey..I have never stepped out of the country…other than no-man’s land somewhere in Busia…so does that qualify me to be a Kenyan president. Don’t get me wrong…Mudavadi is a better presidential candidate in ODM-K (there is no best…not even in DP or NARC-K) and can give Baba Jimmy a run for the key to state house.

I will make this point once more…it is time Kenyan’s went for policies and what this personalities have done rather than what they tell us the can do. Party or no party we need a government that will ensure I can help me with food shelter and clothing…the rest I think we can do good if we play our part. Prime Minister or no Prime Minister we need MPs who can spend a little more time in parliament doing what took them there rather than sleeping or heckling outside.

I want someone who will clearly help me understand investing in shares. I want a share of Access Kenya and Safaricom when the time comes. I am trying to figure all this IPO and share trading stuff and invest before I become a business journalist and Mutahi tells me I cannot invest in shares. By the way that Media Bill is of no good…

The Media Bill
Kibaki’s reassurance was certainly a relief for young journalists like us who are yet to hit the main stream. But I still think the bill should completely be withdrawn from the August house if we are to continue to enjoy the air. I do however have beef with the media fraternity. We need to have the media self-regulate itself and do it well. Better still as the media owners always seem to insinuate write the bill ourselves and then have the government and all those clowns take it up

Just as a by the way, the Director of the US Peace Corps, Hon. Ronald Tschetter will be in Kenya to grace the Daystar University 29th Graduation Ceremony. Tschetter was appointed in September 2006 by president Bush to head this organisation that he had served as a volunteer in India (1966-68). He will be landing sometime between June 14 and 19. You should keep it here for an exclusive interview and if you have some questions that you think he can help you answer you know what to do.

Quote of the Month
“If you see a snake, just kill it. Don’t appoint a committee on snakes! Just do it!”


5 thoughts on “Random….something

  1. Don’t worry they are here.
    I wish to disagree Kenya needs some else other than all those who want to be president. I only wish we could get someone else whom we can trust.
    I will definitely pose those questions to Ronald

  2. On the Mungiki basis, I think it’s completely political. Thay always seem to reappear every election year. I wonder where they usually are the rest of the time..Not that I want them around anyway. All I hope is that we won’t have arebel group coming up, and look like our neighbouring countries, akina Nothern UG, na akina Sudan..

    On presidential basis.. I will oppose by saying, I think the rightful owner of that seat should be Raila. Am of neither party in Kenya, but I think he will lead us to some place good…

    The other two, I can’t seemingly understand..

    But on the issue of Ronald, I would love to ask a few questions esp about the G8 sumit. Why wont the agree to the issue of the green houses?? And why wont they sign any deals without China around and vice versa??

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