I really dont like this


Reading yesterday’s (Tuesday May 15 ) Standard Newspaper – it actually the one I read most in a week coz of the extensive business coverage- I couldn’t help notice this layout on page 2 of the Financial Standard. I happen to have a great interest for the media as a student journalist and there some layouts that cannot go unnoticed, like the one above. The layout was vaery disturding and a find it very unethical for the newspaper and Celtel.

Just to elaborate the caption to the photo goes: Mrs. Maureen Njamfa, wife of MTN Secretary Mr. Patrick Njamfa, one of four MTN Cameroon employees that died on the Kenya Airways flight that crashed, at a memorial service in Douala, Cameroon, on Friday.

Next to it is a colour advert of MTN’s competitor in several parts of the continent, Celtel.

I am giving benefit of doubt to whoever laid out the page, the editors and Celtel. Maybe it never happend out of bad will but yet a gain we all know all this guys are in business some money has to be made or someone may go hungry somewhere. I dont want to throw judgment at anyone. I know at times we in the communcication and media industry do throw caution to the wind now and again willingly and unwillingly. I just think that we need to be very concerned what such mistakes can do to our credibility.

Celtel and Standard need to set the record straight on this one. Before then I am not loading my Celtel line which I havent even used in over two months. For Standard, well I have a relationship with them and so I don’t have a choice.

May we have a fair competition day.


5 thoughts on “I really dont like this

  1. its all about the attention and unethical way of getting your eyes to the celtel ad…see, flight 507 has been the subject of news of late and any in4mation on it creates curiosity and as u devour the caption..wont the celtel ad catch your eyes?..its all about marketing.there are no emotions in business, D. Trump will tell you.

  2. I think this was thought through…this was no mistake
    what kind of competion hit back is that. come on some say business has no morals but this is way overboard

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