This should not go without a mention.

I am a May baby and so in eight days (24th) will be celebrating my 24th. And so I have decided to make sure that i get the latest episode of 24 and I will also be awake for 24 hours. I will on the same day make 24 comments on the best 24 posts of that day on KBW. I will also serach for and read Harvest on the Don by Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov (dont ask me to pronounce that) born May 24 1905. If you have info on how I can get the book please tell me.

I also dedicate that day to Matthew Eappen, born in Boston Mass on the same day in 1996, and murdered by nanny Louise Woodward less than a year later.
PS: I am not afaid of mentioning my age because not mentioning it does not make me any younger. By the way gifts and any other word of …. are very welcome.

Happy opposite of belated birthday to me


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