The length of stress and boredom

A few Minutes ago I went to my campus editing studio to finish off my documentary that I could have finished yesterday… is the story yesterday i went to the studo and the lights went off …. I know we all know what happens when someone decides that you are not in need of a UPS….in short I lost 20 minutes of video editing work. So when i went there and all computers were busy aprt from this one that is so full that it refuses to render…this is what came out of it…weeeeeell…sijui nisemeeeeeeee..



Maybe this one confirms that I am still sane photo-15.jpg



7 thoughts on “The length of stress and boredom

  1. dint just call me insane…will catch ya..liked your tagged 7 though
    @Phassie..dont worry this is just one of those days
    @all…thanks for visiting..please come again later…by the way you shouldnot under any circumstance associate me with the photos above…that’s the me not

  2. Okey.. I think even putting the last one doesn’t help on the fact that you ain’t sane…

    But you’re quite something anyway… 🙂

  3. Boredom at it’s highest degree. I guess that is how one becomes creative

    I think you are a cutie! 😡

  4. lol! Oliver, this is some crazy stuff you came up with. They’re all too funny for the serious mind.

    The last one I like most, maybe u could put that on a post card or something. My media mind sees that as perfectly fit for an album cover.

    Good edits though & good luck with your video projects.

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