My two sense on th political atmosphere

I promised myself not to make any political statements until the year got halfway, and I finally think I am ready to point out a few issues. I have watched the political atmosphere in the country closely and have come up with two opinions that I can finally use to give my stand on the ongoing political circus.

To start with, I think we are lost as a country if we are to continue believing in pre-election promises and policies. It is no good to have the best policies while we have no strategies on how we will find ourselves working towards the strategies. For ones in this country we need to get leaders who guarantee us of strategies and structures to implement all those policies they hold as well as those that belong to others.

I am not yet convinced that all those opposition politicians who have read out their well scripted visions can take this country to the next level. This is because their policies, though good and similar, do not contain in them strategies on how they can be accomplished. Similarly, I am not on the same level with these leaders who use the same excuse ‘…the government has not done…’, or ‘…I am not in government…’ to justify failures by the current crop of leaders.

Secondly, though I am not an ODM_K fan, (actually I do not believe in party politics), I think Hon. Raila should be wearily of making enemies out of Hon. Kalonzo, Hon. Uhuru and Hon. Ruto. Contrary to his egocentric belief that he is the best among them, Raila should now realize that he cannot win with the support of the other ODM luminaries in December leave alone go it alone. ODM cannot win with Raila and he should set aside and stop declaring himself the ODM candidate of choice like he has been doing. Raila should stop making ODM supporters think that he is the only one favorable candidate in ODM if he really stands for democracy as he says.

As for Narc-K, only elections can save your party. As long as you have rotational leadership, someone will always end up the complaining. By the way, Narc-K better get DP into its fold or the shocker of the year will be when president Kibaki announces that he will vie for the presidency on DP.

That my two sense on the ongoing for now it is my only hope that come June and December we may use our heads rather than our hearts to get our leaders.


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