Why local politicians may lose to Diasporians

I have two reason why I think Kenyan’s in the Diaspora can easily carry the day in the 2007 general elections.

Firstly, everyone…ok almost… trusts these guys because of the buck power which most of them have.  These guys are like santa during christmas. I am very sure that those who have relatives in the diaspora can testify that their arrival in rural kenya can bring a trading vetre to a standstill. And they do not come empty handed…there is usually enough for the extend family and some close friends.

Secondly, Kenyans want change. Kenyans can easily vote for these guys because of the fact that they are different in that their hands are very dirty. According to many wanjikus in the village, these guys do not know corruption (not really true but at times politics is about belief). These individuals are also viewed as development oriented because most of their family members have gone through school and some other outsiders have benefited. These individulas have made huge contribbutions in the past especially in Harambees from the comfort of their residences in the diaspora. Some have contributed to the buildiing of health centre, boreholes, schools and any other thing that the local MPs have failed to do.

I believe it will not come as asurprise if these individuals upset the local politicians.


In the same breadth, I will support any young Kenya who proves tp me that they are focused enough to make sure that kenya develops as need be.

One is Jesse Masai who has also guided me in other areas. I have known Jesse for over four years now. When I joined University, he lived accross the hall in one of the campus’ hostels. I also read much of him in the university’s student newspaper of which he was an editor and it is through his inspiration among others who insipred me to be the editor of the same newspaper. Jesse also introduced me to blogging and he is always on my case when i stay awsy from the blogosphere for long… I believe he wants me to be a better journalist and improve everyday.

Jesse is a focused and industrious young individual that the Cherangany constituents will do themselves a favour to have him as their MP.  I can write much about him here but it is better you visit his campaign site. Click Here


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